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Did you know that Uniswap’s 2020 UNI Airdrop was worth  $17,968 at its last all-time high? People who identified that opportunity made a big profit. So, if you don’t want to miss another big opportunity, we have spotted a couple of even more exciting airdrop opportunities happening on Cosmos Chain.  

Airdrops are the crypto version of free samples of a product in the shopping mall. In this case, airdrops is a marketing strategy that new protocols use to introduce its native token and maximize its usage of it since the beginning. Therefore, in this article, you will learn more about airdrops and how to identify the next big one.

A Big Opportunity, Airdrops in Cosmos

Nowadays, most airdrop campaigns aren’t successful because users can’t find any value to the token or maybe because the ecosystem is not sufficiently developed to identify a use case. 

But, this is not happening in the Cosmos blockchain. On the contrary, Cosmos’s ecosystem is growing like very few other blockchains today with more than 240 dApps at the time of writing this article.

Previously airdropped tokens in the Cosmos ecosystem like Juno Network (JUNO), Stargaze (STAR), and Comdex (CMDX) have performed exceptionally well. If you are interested in knowing more about them, here they are:

Airdrop 1: STARGAZE

Stargaze is the first PoS layer 1 platform exclusively for NFTs that have more than 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), no transaction fees, and more than 100 validators. 

Stargaze cosmos airdrop

Source: Stargaze

The platform is already live and offers features like:

  • NFT Launchpad
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Interoperable with Ethereum via Gravity Bridge

On the other hand, Stargaze is launching its airdrop in Cosmos scheduled for March 4th. However, the protocol said that it will be delayed 2 days. To participate, you need to:

  • Stake at least 5 ATOM tokens
  • Stake at least 50 OSMO tokens or LP tokens.

Moreover, check this link to know everything about the Stargaze airdrop. The StarGaze Airdrop date is March 6th, however, some hours ago,  Stargaze tweeted that the launch will be on March 11th. 

Airdrop 2: SPQR

Next on our list is SENATUS, a platform that is filling the gap between users and governance mechanisms. In other words, SENATUS  will cover the inefficiencies of the current democracy model by applying blockchain technology. 

Moreover, SENATUS is launching its airdrop of SPRQR tokens for people who stake ATOM and JUNO tokens. Also, SPQR, the native token of SENATUS, will be used to secure the SENATUS network which will reward its holders.

It’s important to say that stakers will be rewarded with 40% of the total supply of SPQR tokens.

Finally, according to the roadmap, SENATUS will be expanded, so its holders can apply for it, and it won’t launch any ICO. Also, this initiative will migrate to a native Cosmos chain. (Q3-2022)

The airdrop date is not announced yet just keep an eye on their official Twitter handle.

Airdrop 3: CRAFT

Can you imagine playing Minecraft by connecting your wallet and controlling all the assets you earn in the game? Well, there is a DAO called Craft Economy, which is developing a Minecraft server.

CRAFT minecraft airdrop

Source: Craft Economy

The main goal is to build a decentralized economy, supported by a DAO mechanism and represented by a server, around one of the most popular games in the world.  

Also, anyone can sign up for the Beta version of the server and earn incentives. Moreover, people that hold CRAFT, the native token, will be able to participate with this server. To incentivize the popularity of this initiative, Craft economy will launch an airdrop that will benefit:

  • ATOM validators and holders.
  • OSMO validators.
  • AKASH validators.
  • JUNO validators.
  • Holders of OSMO/ATOM & LUNA/OSMO LP tokens
  • ION holders, among others.

The team has not announced the date yet so you would need to keep an eye on their social handles.

Airdrop 4: FOT

FOT is the native token of Fortis OEconomia which aims to connect people to DeFi by providing attractive investing opportunities.

FOT cosmos airdrop

Source: Fortis OEconomia

Only two types of token holders can participate in this airdrop with the following requirements:

  1. JUNO stakers
  • At the time of the JUNO Moneta and Vega upgrade.
  • Voters after every proposal.
  • At milestone events.

The Juno stakers can participate in airdrops till March 28th only. 

  • ATOM stakers
  • At the time of the COSMOS Vega upgrade until April 14th.
  • Voters after every proposal.
  • At milestone events.

Also, it’s important to mention that you can stake in any validator without a limit of tokens.

Now that you know the four airdrops, we want to give you a tracking airdrop tool so you won’t miss out on any of them in the future.

Tracking Airdrop Tool in Cosmos

With this airdrop calendar called “Cosmos Uplink,” you can see all the Cosmos airdrops that are coming in the next few weeks.

By clicking on the “Airdrops” section located at the top right you can see the project, the launch date, the announcement, and the description of each Cosmos airdrop.

Uplink calendar cosmos airdrops

Source: Cosmos Uplink

A very useful tracking tool. But you must always vet the projects before you stake your Juno, Atom, or any other token for airdrops. And that is where our experience in the crypto space comes into play.

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