Boom! China is at it again. Another ban on $BTC this time? Well, that’s not the case. In fact, it’s quite the exact opposite. As of 1st June 2023, Hong Kong has allowed its citizens to trade cryptos under its new regulatory framework. Now, for sure that’s bullish for cryptos.

Even more so for coins based in Hong Kong and China. With that, let’s look at the top 4 Hong Kong & Chinese coins under $1 today. This is Part 2 of a three-part article series. Follow the links shown to re-visit Part 1 and Part 3.

Coin #1 – SelfKey ($KEY)

First of the top 4 Hong Kong & Chinese coins under $1 is SelfKey. SelfKey is a self-sovereign, decentralized identity system. It aims to provide its users with full control of their own data. In turn, this allows them to protect their privacy.

Indeed, that’s so important in today’s online world. Big tech companies leverage and sell our data to advertisers all the time. When these companies are hacked, we lose our valuable personal data to third parties. Most of them are bad actors. From time to time you may wonder why you’re getting scam calls. Or scam emails or messages. Now you know.

So, how does using SelfKey protect you from these bad actors? Check out their video here:

In simple terms, SelfKey is trying to create a secure digital identity for everyone. You can use this same identity in your daily life. From banking to visiting the dentist, any company can pull out your identity. This improves convenience for users like you and me. On top of that, we don’t have to overshare our data by filling out long forms. And, hackers can’t get to us as our identity is protected by blockchain too!

Today, SelfKey is based in Hong Kong. It has a notable partnership with the Hong Kong Virtual Assets Exchange (HKVAX). In addition, it’s looking to launch its flagship product, SelfKey iD, pretty soon. Will fireworks fly soon for its $KEY token? Only time will tell.

Source: Twitter
Coin #2 – Measurable Data ($MDT)

Second of the top 4 Hong Kong & Chinese coins under $1 is Measurable Data. It’s a project aiming to create value for data systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To a certain extent, it’s a project similar to SelfKey. Simply put, it allows users to control and monetize their own data.

mdt review

Source: Twitter

Measurable Data has a plethora of products that are in its pipeline. Let’s run through some cool ones:

Now, there’s a slight difference between Measurable Data and SelfKey. The former is targeting the retail space, while the latter targets larger companies. But, make no mistake about it. Both projects are unlocking the value of your data. They’re both doing something meaningful for retail crypto users.

mdt review

Source: Twitter

Measurable Data is headquartered in Hong Kong. Next, let’s look at a coin that’s entirely in another field – Prediction Markets.

Coin #3 – Prosper ($PROS)

Next of the top 4 Hong Kong & Chinese coins under $1 is Prosper. It’s a prediction markets platform on BNB Chain. Its prediction pools are built to cater to retail needs. In simple terms, you can use Prosper to speculate on many things. These include crypto prices, scores of soccer matches, and so forth. To top it off, Prosper has a unique and sustainable liquidity program. This allows the platform to be economically viable.

prosper review

Source: Twitter

Indeed, many prediction platforms today face a tough issue – lack of liquidity. To solve this, Prosper focuses on short-term predictions. Coupled with an insurance fund, liquidity providers can keep their assets safe while turning a profit.

Now, how are $PROS a top Hong Kong coin? Well, that’s because the entire project was acquired by Animoca Brands in September 2021. Animoca Brands is a Hong Kong-based company. The Sandbox, amongst many other projects, are subsidiaries of Animoca Brands.

Coin #4 – NKN ($NKN)

Last of the top 4 Hong Kong & Chinese coins under $1 is NKN. That’s short for “New Kind of Network”. In a nutshell, NKN is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network that uses incentives for users to share their internet connections and bandwidth. Furthermore, NKN also provides:

  • Optimized Routing. With its algorithm, data always take the fastest path to its users.
  • No need for an IP address. Since NKN’s users do not need an IP address, data stays within their devices. This increases privacy and security.

Using such technology, NKN provides products that any user in China can benefit from. The first of these is nMobile. nMobile is an anonymous messaging app. It’s also decentralized and secure. Second is nConnect, a remote access solution with better security and privacy.

Source: NKN

NKN has a powerful network at its disposal. As of the time of writing this article, it’s got a total of 68,898 nodes scattered across the world. That makes its network decentralized as well. Adding icing to the cake, NKN’s got strong partnerships with companies in China. These include China Mobile, Synology China, and many more.


This is Part 2 of a three-part series about Hong Kong and Chinese coins. Again, if you’d like to revisit our previous picks, take a look at Part 1 and Part 3. Today, we ran through SelfKey ($KEY), Measurable Data ($MDT), Prosper ($PROS), and NKN ($NKN). If the China narrative rises, these tokens could see some solid upside to their prices.

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