Top 5 Mid Cap Altcoin Gems With 10 50x Potential

Who doesn’t want a coin that can do 10x-50x? Well, start to position yourself before this bull run will kick off in earnest. Now is the right time to find some gems that can do exactly this. The market is in a dip, and as a result, it shook out the paper hands. 

Everybody’s waiting for the next move up. Once that starts, there’s no turning back and all mayhem will break loose. So, that’s why my team and I looked at finding five altcoin gems that can do this 10x-50x during this bull run.

1) Morpheus ($MIND)

Morpheus Labs is working to make creating a blockchain or dApp easier than ever. Their blockchain as a service makes blockchain setup easy. And the easier it is to get started, the more projects that will launch. With its low-code tools and AI-assisted services, this hits on 2 big tech narratives. One from legacy tech with low code and one from both legacy tech and Web3 with the use of AI to power your apps and customize your outcomes.

Many of the hot sectors that want to launch projects while conditions are favorable are using Morpheus tools to launch their own chains. We recently examined this in detail on our website with how Morpheus helps RWA (real-world asset) projects with their launches. All while maintaining the security and transaction integrity these projects need.

Now we might be cheating a little by calling Morpheus a mid-cap. But we definitely like the project. Its current market value is $6.6 million. The token is $MIND. So there’s no question of the 10-50x potential here. 50x would be $300 million or the approximate value of Centrifuge at #220 in the market. That’s another project we like, by the way.

The potential here for all infrastructure tools that make project launches easier, faster, and cheaper is enormous.

1.a) Akash Network ($AKT)

My next pick is Akash. This is a marketplace where you can rent and borrow GPU. Now, AI is a sector that is in constant need of GPU. In other words, the demand for GPU will be there for the foreseeable future. This puts Akash in a favorable position with two popular verticals. These are DePIN and AI. Both verticals should do well during this bull run. 

Many people have locked their eyes into these two areas. DePin also has its flywheel at work. A process during which demand rises, and the network and token price grow.

Recently the $AKT price went up by over 50% in a day. The reason was that it got listed on Upbit, a popular Korean exchange. $AKT almost reached $7. However, it has leveled out again, and the current price is $4.84 with a market cap of $1.1 billion. So, Akash has a marketplace where you can offer your redundant GPU to rent out. As a reward, you receive the $AKT token. 

Renting a decentralized GPU is cheaper compared to buying it. If you compare Akash to centralized cloud computing providers, it’s up to 60% cheaper. Keep an eye out on Akash and these two sectors, DePIN and AI.

2) Quant ($QNT)

Quant is a provider of blockchain solutions. It has a tech platform that’s named Overledger. This is an API or Application Programming Interface platform. It can handle any case and any chain. 

Overledger sits over the blockchain ledgers. So, be aware that it is not a blockchain itself. However, it allows you to test, deploy, and integrate your projects on-chain. Some of its features are, for example:

  • Plug and play simplicity — There’s no need for expert developers.
  • Easy integrations It connects private and public chains.
  • Code-free engines — No need for coding.
  • Secure and fast — Uses the latest security protocols.
  • Multichain access Connects to various chains.

Quant has a wide variety of use cases. So, let’s take a look at some of them:

The current $QNT price is $95.22. It has a $1.38 billion marketcap. All tokens already circulate, so that’s good news. However, it’s still 74% away from its $427 ATH of two years ago. So, plenty of room to grow for Quant.

3) Oraichain ($ORAI)

Oraichain moves into the Web3 space and offers AI solutions. It allows devs to build Dapps with a unique AI oracle. So, there you go, it’s a data oracle platform. First, it aggregates, and then it connects AI APIs to smart contracts. So, let’s take a closer look at its main technologies. We have, for instance:

  • Mainnet and subnet networks — It works for both the EVM and Cosmos ecosystems.
  • AI oracle — Support for Web2 and Web3.
  • Interoperability — Connecting IBC (the Cosmos Hub ecosystem), Ethereum, BSC, and TRON. 
  • ZK engine — For privacy.
  • Decentralized storage — Secure and encrypted.
  • Tokenization — For RWA or real-world assets.

Oraichain’s oracle doesn’t use raw data, as you would expect for an on-chain oracle. Instead, it uses AI APIs. This improves data quality, security, and reliability. But that’s not all, Oraichain offers more. As we have:

The current $ORAI price is $11.46. It has a marketcap of $183 million. Of the 19.7 million max supply, already 15 million $ORAI circulate. The token is up by 194% over last year.

4) Kaspa ($KAS)

Kaspa is a Proof-of-Work blockchain. Like Bitcoin, for example. However, it’s the fastest PoW chain on the block. Furthermore, it has great scalability. Features that Bitcoin lacks, for real. 2 That’s because it uses a blockDAG. A DAG is a Directed Acyclic Graph. This is how the chain stores its data.

This enables parallel blocks. Let me give you a sample, by using a train. A traditional blockchain is like a slow-moving train. Blocks are the train cars, and they get linked behind each other. The cars are small, and it takes time to hook them up. It’s slow and causes bottlenecks.

A DAG is like a network of high-speed train lines. It allows creating various blocks at the same time. This makes it faster and allows for a higher volume. Currently, Kaspa already produces 10 blocks per second. This speed should increase in the future. So, this gives you an idea why Kaspa is so popular:

  • Developers like it to build Dapps, because it’s fast and can scale.
  • Micropayments are ideal with Kaspa because it offers low-cost transactions.
  • It can compete with slower PoW chains.

The current $KAS price is $0.11 with a $2.8 billion marketcap. So, what’s your favorite mid-cap gem here? Or do you have another favorite, that I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments.



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