Top 6 ZkSync Projects to Watch This Season

ZkSync is topping the crypto conversation after the release of its token, $ZK.

Let’s explore this information by looking into $ZK token and zkSync projects. Now, Let’s see what zkSync is all about.

What is zkSync?

zkSync is a Layer-2 scaling solution that improves the Ethereum network. It reduces transaction costs, increases transaction speed, and ensures security. ZkSync ensures Ethereum security via the ZK Rollups

zkSync is a long-anticipated project. It announced the release of $ZK token and other tokenomics information. There are 21 billion $ZK tokens in supply. 17.5% of the total supply is Airdrop for network participants. With 17.5% for Airdrop, zkSync is giving to the community, which would fuel interest in the market.

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Now that you know more about ZKSync, you will discover 6 projects that are important from its ecosystem.

Top 6 zkSync Projects 

You should check out this list of zkSync projects because of their potential:

1) SyncSwap

SyncSwap is a decentralized exchange in the zkSync Era. It benefits from zkSync’s technology by cutting transaction costs and ensuring high security. As a DEX, you can trade different tokens from your wallets without a third party. SyncSwap supports different trading pairs, providing liquidity for digital assets.

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Users can also provide liquidity and earn extra fees from trading on the platform. Liquidity providers get their rewards and incentives. SyncSwap is easy to use for both beginners and expert traders. You can track and execute trades with it. Users 

2) MavProtocol

MavProtocol allows users to access trades with low slippage and high liquidity via the Dynamic Distribution AMM. The Mavprotocol offers liquidity providers the possibility of selecting an appropriate price range. It would reduce the time you should use to choose the liquidity provider.

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MavProtocol is open to trading with any individual, irrespective of their trading experience. $MAV is at $0.33 with a market capital of $83 million. $MAV supports efficient trading and optimized yields for liquidity providers. Maverick’s market cap sets it at a good position in the crypto market.

3) Holdstation

Holdstation is a non-custodial wallet. It enhances user experience in interactions between Layer 1 and Layer 2 EVM chains. Holdstation allows for account abstraction, making asset management and transfer much more accessible. It also has features that cover transaction fees, social login, and one-click trading.

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It ensures security and user control over private keys. $HOLD is at $2.84 with a market cap of $14.67 million. Holdstation wants to make the blockchain more accessible and secure for blockchain enthusiasts.

4) ZkMarkets

zkMarkets is the top NFT marketplace on zkSync Era, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It runs at lightning-fast transactions, with reduced transaction costs and robust security. It provides trading tools for newbies and expert NFT traders. These tools help traders to analyze the market and make profitable trading decisions. zkMarkets is an efficient market system that supports NFT traders.

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With zkMarkets, you get to experience smooth trading with zero worries. It is also secure and decentralized; your privacy is their priority. Utilizing zkSync’s functionality makes it a top platform for trading zkSync NFTs.

5) Derivio

Derivio is a Decentralized Exchange. As a zkSync project, it also uses ZkSync’s Layer 2 scalability to ensure efficient performance. It also runs on low gas fees, high transaction speed, and top security.

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Derivio specializes in derivatives trading, offering financial opportunities like staking and bonding. You get to maximize your returns when you use Derivio’s investment opportunities. You do not need deep crypto knowledge to use Derivio. It is a versatile DEX offering several functions to traders.

6) xRaise

xRaise is a zkSync-based smart wallet for gaming platforms. It improves the gaming experience and security by using high technology. xRaise works with every one of zkSync’s decentralized applications. It can also run some complex DeFi operations. 

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xRaise lets gamers manage their digital assets and play blockchain games without much hassle. As a smart wallet, it goes way beyond being a means of storage for digital assets. It interacts with dApps and integrates gaming platforms to provide better solutions to gamers. 

7) Libera

Libera is another gaming platform in zkSync. It provides gamers and developers with tools to make game creation more accessible. Libera is a selection of games that also offer tools for game developers. It provides challenging games to keep you engaged and busy. It also has a reward feature to incentivize customers.

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There is always room for improvement and competition between gamers. Libera has a vision to provide gamers with a fun environment for everyday gaming and intense esports sessions.


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