What are Validiums and Volitions in Lens Protocol?

Lens Protocol wants to operate on the same level as Immutable X and Sorare.

To get to the same level as these projects, it has launched its chain as a validium. Lens Protocol uses Validium and Volitions to upgrade its protocol. Read on to better understand them. But first, let’s see more about the Lens Network. 

Lens Protocol

This Protocol stirred a lot of attention with the announcement of Lens Network. Lens network is Lens Protocol’s chain built on Zksync’s ZK Stack framework. It is building its chain to support future development. So, the Lens Networks chain will operate as a Validium layer 2 solution. Here are some stats:

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It would later transition to a Volition after some time. Let’s examine what Validiums and Volitions are.

What are Validiums?

Validiums are a layer 2 blockchain solution that improves a blockchain network’s scalability and efficiency. They confirm transactions with ZKPs while still maintaining user privacy. Validium stores data off-chain using the Data availability layer.

Benefits of Validiums
  • Fast transaction

Validiums processes billions of transactions with speed. So, Lens Protocol upgraded its protocol with Validiums for faster interactions.

  • Security

Validium boasts of a secure network. It utilizes ZKPs to provide an extra layer of protection.

  • Perfect for specific financial applications

Validium is perfect for socialfi and Gamefi apps. It can handle many transactions. In the crypto community, people pay attention to transaction speed and security. And Validium posing is a fast and secure solution that makes transactions efficient.

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What are Volitions?

Volitions are a hybrid layer 2 blockchain solution. It combines the exceptional features of ZK rollups and validiums. This hybrid L2 blockchain solution integrates features from different L2 technologies. It creates a flexible network.

ZK rollups confirm transactions and store data on-chain using ZKPs. Validium utilizes ZKPs and DA layers to store transaction data off-chain. Volitions allow you to decide whether to store transactions off-chain or on-chain.

Benefits of Volitions
  • Customizable Transaction Settings

You can store the transaction data on-chain or off-chain. It would be safer to store sensitive transaction information on-chain. You can also store your regular transactions off-chain to improve transaction speed on-chain.

  • Great for complex applications

Complex applications and those handling many transactions would find Volitions helpful. With Volitions, they can improve their performance and security. Volitions are versatile, allowing on-chain or off-chain data storage. Let’s look into what Lens Network aims to achieve with its chain.

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More About Lens Network

Lens Network aims to bring one billion users to Ethereum. It seeks to achieve this by creating an open and fair social network that doesn’t restrict users. So, what’s Lens Network’s scaling strategy? 

It launched with Validium and will evolve with Volition. It is experimenting with ZK rollups to create a more efficient network.  That’s not all. Lens Network also improved the user and developer experience. It’s important to mention that there are no transaction charges, and the transaction speed is second to none. Volitions have an embedded wallet support feature.

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So, integrating Validiums and Volitions in the Lens protocol makes it a scalable hub. They increase the Lens protocol’s ability to handle many transactions without network issues. Once the Lens network is out, you can choose your transaction type.


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