Why This Altcoin Can Outperform EVERY Crypto Project

Telegram’s TON Network is the most underhyped project at the moment. Do you know why, well it has this massive advantage that no other project in the crypto space has not Bitcoin. Not Ethereum. Not Chinese Coins. No One.

And that is Telegram’s MAU Monthly Average Users. More than 800 million people around the world use Telegram at least once a month. This means TON Network or the apps building in its ecosystem can quickly go stream – and you should not miss these gems. So today, we look at Telegram’s TON Network and pick some top altcoin projects in its ecosystem.

1) Ston

Ston.fi is the largest DEX in the TON ecosystem. With 87 coins and over $12.5 million in daily volume, it’s small but growing fast. The biggest trading pair here is USDT-TON. Did you know TON supports Tether? Well, it does.

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And not surprisingly, the viral game coin Notcoin is in the 2nd and 3rd most popular trading pairs, with TON and USDT, respectively. Ston.fi is an AMM DEX and it supports the 8 top TON wallets, making swaps within the ecosystem easy. You can stake here in these pools and the TON-USDT pool currently pays a whopping 12.48% APR every 30 days.

There’s an airdrop offer going on with staking your $STON but the offer ends at the end of May. So that’s not much time to benefit. Now we have some conflicting information about circulating supply on the native $STON token. Ston says that currently that 21.1 million out of a total supply of 100 million is staked.

Is it possible they are not counting team or investor-locked tokens as part of this? I’m not sure. But our friends at CoinGecko say there are only 1.6 million in circulation out of 100 million. That’s a freakishly small number. Maybe they are counting staked tokens as not in circulation since they are locked.

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Either way, I would get a handle on the real circulating supply before buying even with the solid fundamentals we are talking about here. Ston.fi definitely has good fundamentals. If you believe in the future of the TON ecosystem, then Ston will most certainly grow quickly, too.

2) DeDust

DeDust is both a bridge and a DEX for the TON Network. TON’s growing market for memecoins is, in part, due to DeDust. It’s one of the places where many TON memecoins are available for trade.

As an Automated Market Maker, they have pools to offer investors too. One of the most intriguing is the TON-USDT pool. It’s also the largest. It’s currently paying 97% and there’s a good chance you have both tokens already.

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Both are in the top 10 in market value. With DeDust, you can also:

  • Manage your portfolio.
  • Swap on the DEX.
  • Bridge from Ethereum.
  • Stake the native $SCALE token.

Right now, the $SCALE token is only available on DeDust. But there is a community airdrop program going on. They had a big one in January and this is a smaller one specifically with community growth in mind. Up to 250,000 $SCALE is available based on tasks like subscribing to the DeDust TG channel or Tonstarter, or doing a swap and adding liquidity to the DEX.

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There is no end date listing but it probably won’t last long with these easy ways to get points. Have you tried any TON Ecosystem projects? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

Other Projects in the TON Ecosystem

Although the two projects I’ve talked about are both DEXes, the TON Ecosystem has a lot going on. They are becoming a home for memecoins and airdrop hunters too. They support USDT now. And you know about the trading bots already.

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With an open line to 800 million people who use, like, and trust their current product, the easiest transition to bring Web2 people and products into Web3 could happen here. It most likely will happen here. Very quietly, $TON is now the 7th biggest crypto project by market value. And it happened pretty quickly too.

They have bridge options, as well as wallets and a naming service too. If you think as we do, that TON is in a unique position to increase crypto adoption globally, then you have to get some of these projects on your radar now. Before the rest of the world discovers them.

And what’s the best way to research them and find all the great opportunities coming up in the TON Ecosystem? Glad you asked. If you look across crypto Twitter, there is not a ton of activity on TON. Many other ecosystems have much more hype and general interest than TON does. Solana has almost 4x as many followers on Twitter as TON does with 2.6 million.

The best place we know, and the main source for the research for today’s article is in our Altcoin Buzz Alpha group. At only $15/mo, one decent trade pays for more than a year of fees. If you like what you saw today, or maybe you want to learn about your favorite ecosystem, try Altcoin Buzz Alpha. You can sample some content for free before you buy, too. Click this link right here and give it a try.


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