There is one fundamental truth in the crypto world: “who jumps in first gets the most profit”. But did you realize that after 2 weeks of launching our IDO evaluation video of Star Atlas, the token nearly grew 200x? Without question, IGO launchpads are the finest approach to find those hidden cryptocurrency gems or 100x crypto investment possibilities right now. Specifically, IDO in the gaming industry

However, these opportunities will only be found in certain IDO platforms, which have an extraordinary ROI of up to 3500%+. However, getting a spot on one of these platforms is becoming increasingly tough.

That is why we are always on the lookout for additional early investment, pre-sale opportunity platforms where we may potentially earn these enormous profits. Therefore, in this article, you’ll learn the top 7 ways to evaluate any IGO launchpad with massive ROIs and how to participate in them.

Crypto Games are Getting Worldwide People’s Attention

According to the most recent Blockchain Game Report, the blockchain gaming sector showed a more visible footprint in the industry as the space grew 121% in terms of unique active wallets, reaching more than 804,000 unique users. The picture shows how crypto games have surpassed the DeFi and NFT attention since 2021.

crypto games

Source: Yahoo

Can you imagine discovering Axie Infinity in its early days? Yes, we are looking for the next early-stage crypto projects before they go mainstream and let you take advantage of them from the beginning. 

Right now, we are getting focused on Initial Game Offering (IGO) and Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpads, so if you don’t want to miss out on these unique opportunities, continue reading.

Evaluation #1: Launchpad Holding Requirements or Tiers

This is significant since it influences the cost of IGO participation and the number of tokens available for purchase.

There exist two types of Launchpad holding requirements:

    1. Fixed token – You need to hold a certain number of tokens to participate in the IGO
    2. Tiered launchpad – Tiers system is based on the number of tokens held. As you hold more tokens, the number of tokens you can purchase increases.

For example, in Polkastarter, you can see the available projects inside the “Featured Pools” section. Just like in the picture below:

IDO Launchpad

Source: Polkastarter

Once you are inside a project’s page, you can see all the launchpad holding requirements in the “Pool details” section.

Evaluation #2: Allocation Type

Participants who lock their launchpad native tokens are chosen through a lottery mechanism in lottery or slots IGO launchpads. In this case, luck plays a role.

On the other hand, some IGO launchpads offer guaranteed allocation. The cost of participation on these launchpads is generally higher than lottery IGOs.

Evaluation #3: Holder Benefits

IGO participants must lock their IGO launchpad native tokens to participate in the token allocation.

While some IGO launchpads provide lottery tickets to users as a means of locking in tokens, others provide both lottery tickets and the chance to stake tokens.

This means that while the users’ tokens are locked, the participants can profit from them.

Evaluation #4: Platform ROI

Evaluating the return on investments (ROI) for the IGO systems that are already operational is critical. Here are some of the best platforms:

IDO platforms

Source: Cryptorank

This provides us a general sense of the kind of returns our investments could create.

Evaluation #5: Funds Raised and Number of Token Generation Events

It’s crucial to know how much the IGO launchpad platform has raised and how many token generation events it’s held throughout its time there.

This is a crucial statistic to identify if the platform brings in quality initiatives to attract IGO members and is not a sham.

Evaluation #6: Holder Value – ROI *Fund Raise/number of Token generation event

The launchpad’s Holder Value is a performance metric that is used to rate it. The higher the holder value, the more profitable IGOs there are on the launchpad.

On the other hand, it’s important to say that if a launchpad has a high token valuation that means it has a high holder value compared to its token marketcap size. Here is a picture that summarizes this metric in the different IDO platforms:

IGO metrics

Source: Twitter

Evaluation #7: Notable Gaming IGO’s

We recommend that you look at two things on this page:

    1. Review previous IGOs. What has been their level of success?
    2. What are the forthcoming intergovernmental organizations (IGOs)? Are they truly deserving of your participation?

As you can see, the 7 criteria we have detailed will be the difference between finding good or amazing projects that will give you excellent results. If you apply them, we are sure that you will become a professional crypto game investor easily in no time!

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