With the Apeiron Guild Wars: Skydream Scramble, we see a massive Web3 tournament going on. Make it through the preliminaries and get a shot at $200,000 in prize money. This is, by far, Apeiron’s biggest tournament to date.

So, let’s have a look at what the Apeiron Guild Wars: Skydream Scramble tournament is about.

Apeiron Guild Wars: Skydream Scramble

This tournament includes major Web3 gaming communities. It’s an open tournament. Apeiron invites all top guilds and communities to join. The ultimate goal is to end up on the Apeiron Speedrun Leaderboard. This is where the $200,000 prize is waiting. 

Some major industry peers are showing major support for the project. For example, the Beacon, Project Godjira, Matr1x FIRE, and Guildfi. The Co-host of the tournament is GameFi

Apeiron is a God game and they just released Dungeon Demo. This involves playing god Gale and his Doods. This was not only well received by the public. In fact, our own Altcoin Buzz gamer was also enthusiastic about this game. As this review shows. However, this is only the prelude to more exciting blockchain games to come. Skydream Scramble is only one of them.

With this game and tournament, Apeiron is about to put itself on the Web3 gaming map. Guild Wars: the Skydream Scramble, takes place during February and March 2023. During the preliminaries, there’s already $20,000 up for grabs. This sets the mood for the $200,000 price money in May 2023. There will be 3 Demo Seasons in total, rolling all together, into June 2023.

The finalists of each season will win rewards. But that’s not all, they also qualify for the summer playoffs. The game promises a clever level design, meaningful talent and combo choices. There are also challenging enemies and phenomenal in-game cinematics! Expect an extremely streamer-friendly game with fluid animations. Furthermore, the Guild Wars will also be live-streamed!

How to Enter the Tournament

Entering the tournament isn’t difficult. Here is the registration form to join the fun. By showing your entry on social media, you can get extra accounts. One interesting aspect is that you don’t need to be a partnering guild before you can take part. Apeiron changed this so more people can play.

So, the top 3 communities receive free integration into the Apeiron ecosystem! This can offer quite a few benefits. These include, for example, 

  • Invitations to pre-release testing.
  • Regional IRL events.
  • VIP Whitelists.
  • Primeval community access.
  • And NFT/Token integration.

There are also plenty of other incentives and prices for the top 3 communities. Here are some key dates to keep in mind.

  • Season 1 Registration Ends March 10th
  • S1 Leaderboard Snapshot, March 13th 
  • Season 1 Mini-Tourney Mid-March
  • Season 2 Preliminary March-April
  • Season 3 Apeiron Guild Wars May-June

During the tournament, only the top 3 records from 3 individuals of a community will count. The team will verify all entries. Once verified, they will enter them onto a cross-community leaderboard.

Your community also has a chance to fine-tune its skills. So, here are some tips on how to gain more time. For example, by,

  • Owning Apeiron Planet NFTs
  • Burning Solar and Lunar Fragment NFTs on the Apeiron Marketplace
  • Contributing to the Prize Pool

There are more ways to get Free Game time. For instance, by,

  • Uploading gameplay videos or streaming on Social Media.
  • Donate to charity.

Partners and Other Projects

The tournament attracted quite a few heavy hitters as partners. For example, Guildfi, Avocado, YGG SEA, and Snackclub. Furthermore, big Alpha NFT communities also joined in the fun. For instance, Project Godira, Surgence, Habibz, and Zooverse. 

Two big gaming platforms also take part. Polkastarter and Gamefi.org. As already mentioned, the latter is also a co-host of the tournament.

Various other Web3 game projects will also partner up. This will bring diversity in the rewards for the gamers. It will also allow for a variety of different gaming experiences. 




With Apeiron’s biggest tournament coming up, you still have time to sign up. The prices you can win will make the Web3 space pay attention. To clarify, prize money of over $200,000 is waiting after the preliminaries. This, in turn, attracted plenty of partners and other projects that take part. The tournament will run all the way into June 2023. 

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