The e-sports industry has witnessed an explosion in recent months. Blockchain-based e-sports platforms have massive user bases.  They seem to have the edge over their traditional counterparts. In addition, amazing features on these platforms are attracting new users. Arenum is one such e-sports platform making waves in the industry.

Arenum is a revolutionary blockchain-powered global matching engine for esports events and mobile games. Furthermore, the platform decentralizes e-sports. In addition, it allows for the massive commercialization of elite competitive mobile gaming. Apart from the gaming aspect of this platform, it also has an intriguing reward system. Arenum utilizes blockchain for instant and transparent payments.

Is Arenum the Next Big Thing?

Arenum has a large user base and is a new hotspot for e-sports lovers. The gaming platform offers up to 100 daily tournaments 24 hours a day. Furthermore, users can feel secure with Arenum’s anti-cheat technology. The platform also features a flexible and scalable e-sports structure that allows for a smooth experience. With the attention and popularity it is racking up, Arenum would undoubtedly pave the way for a greater e-sports experience. The platform has the potential to be amongst the trending venues in the e-sports industry. It holds tournaments for well-known titles like “Players Unknown Battlegrounds,” “Call of Duty,” and “Free Fire.” 

Arenum excellently combines the thrilling powers of mobile gaming with the economic rewards of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, it has a functional environment that attracts and retains players. In addition, it rewards developers and gamers. Arenum blends internal publishing services with a tournament engine that pits players against one other. Also, its metasystem integration is completely self-contained. This feature is possible via a strong developer SDK.

A One-of-a-kind Hub

Arenum isn’t new to the e-sport industry. The gaming platform emerged in 2019 and has since recorded over 150,000 paying customers. Arenum’s tournament engine features state-of-the-art connectivity. This enables the deployment of synchronous and asynchronous PvP tournaments with a single click.

Furthermore, Arenum also features an intriguing NFT-powered metaverse. This single feature is bait for several users. These players fiercely compete with each other to unlock brand new, one-of-a-kind NFTs that reside in their own game and economy. 

Most gaming platforms falter due to a lack of player retention and generating revenues. However, Arenum’s platform has the answer to all of these problems. Arenum’s novel approach to skill-based cash gaming adds dynamic and interesting ways to play casual and non-casual games.

The platform is free of the physical and fiat-driven constraints that have stifled growth, efficiency, and inclusivity in the past. Furthermore, players have both liberty and control on Arenum’s platform. For example, players can start a tournament on their mobile devices. In addition, these gamers can choose their sponsors and fix the prize pool. 

Rewards for Players and Developers

As mentioned earlier, Arenum rewards both players and developers for their contributions to the platform. These rewards serve as a means for player retention effectively. Also, the platform offers referral rewards. This sees players receive rewards for bringing others to the platform. This way, there is a constant influx of players to the platform.

Furthermore, developers can publish games through Arenum. Furthermore, this gives them a much better alternative to the currently existing publishers on the market. Games published through Arenum will have access to the whole Arenum platform, including all of its features.

Meet the Team

The team behind a project will most likely dictate its success. Thankfully, Arenum boasts a well-experienced team in blockchain gaming and other market aspects. Eduard Gurinovich, Arenum’s co-founder, is an experienced entrepreneur. He has more than $90M of venture capital raised for his companies. Eduard is also the founder of CarPrice and CarMoney, which have offices scattered around the world. Eduard has a reputation for scaling businesses, and that’s what he’s done with Arenum. 

Alexander Pasechnik, one of Arenum’s cofounders, bootstrapped a number of IT solutions from $0 to $1 million in revenue. He also created online educational tools, marketplaces, and eSports platforms. His business-building skills have seen him forge partnerships with top IT firms like Gett, Yandex, and MRG. Finally, with a well-experienced team at its helm, Arenum is worth the attention.

For more information on Arenum and its roadmap, visit its website or other social media pages. 

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