BSC Application Sidechain

In a combined effort, Celer, NodeReal, and Ankr helped to develop this sidechain. Now, this BSC Application Sidechain (BAS) is launched on the BNB chain. This first version of the testnet is all geared up towards GameFi. That is also where Celer fits in.

Launching this BSC Application Sidechain BAS Testnet is the first step. This brings sidechains to the BNB chain. We will check what impact this will have on the BNB chain ecosystem and the Celer network. Furthermore, we look into what this BAS Testnet is.

What is the BSC Application Sidechain (BAS) Testnet?

The BSC Application Sidechain (BAS) Testnet is a next-generation infrastructure for developers. They can build dApps based on the Binance Chain which offers higher throughput and low transaction fees and sometimes even free transaction fees.

Big load changes will not affect the performance. BAS allows developers and node operators to design and be in charge of their chains. They work next to the BSC mainnet.

For example, traffic can offload from the BNB Chain mainnet, but there is still a connection to it. Also, the consensus mechanism they use is different and the performance setting is also modernized. In turn, developers can customize the parameters. With BAS, a project can set up:

  • A unique validator set
  • Customized gas fees
  • BEP-121 tokens

Furthermore, BAS can deploy in various options. For example, as a sidechain, but also as a Layer 2 ZK Rollups. The first versions will deploy on PoS networks.

GameFi will be the first field to enjoy a BAS. They will get what they need, fast and cheap transactions. Also, in mid-April, the introduction of a BAS-BSC bridge option will be live. This gives GameFi an even better-balanced infrastructure, that is secure, scalable, and interoperable.

Advantages of the BNB Chain

Launching sidechains on the BNB chain has a few advantages for the BNB chain. First, the mainnet will see less traffic. Since this first BAS is for GameFi, it will offload many games to the sidechain. It will make the network more scalable.

Also, traffic on an AAA game can easily reach 1 million users per day. Such numbers will cause congestion on a mainnet. We all know how that worked out for Ethereum. So, besides easing up traffic, the BNB chain will benefit. There will be a BAS/BNB chain bridge. Many tokens will find their way through this bridge.

Therefore, for the gamers, it means that transactions process fast and are low cost. On the other hand, for developers, it is now possible to port assets and data. Spaces like GameFi, the metaverse, and SocialFi need this.

In short, the BNB chain will see lots more traffic. However, the beauty is that all this new GameFi traffic offloads to a sidechain. The BNB chain benefits from the extra traffic. But, without feeling the extra burden of heavy traffic.

Benefits and the Role of the Celer Network 

We just saw that a layer 1 like BNB chain can’t handle a triple AAA game with a million players. That’s where Celer comes to the rescue. With their interoperability, they accommodate the needs for GameFi, DeFi, NFTs, Governance, and Privacy. All this with a single-click UI for you as a user.

Celer welcomes the extra traffic since they operate the sidechain. This will mean increased income as well. Also, the CELR token has recently already done well with a 67.2% increase during the last 30 days. Once this platform welcomes 1 million or more daily players in games, it will most likely see another pump. 

In addition, Celer is expecting no less than a billion players in the future. However, that is what triple AAA games do! Don’t forget, there are plenty of AAA games on their way. Think Star Atlas, Wilder World, or Illuvium as some of the well-known names. More games are out there, though. Likewise, it doesn’t mean that all games will choose this sidechain. But there will be enough that will.

Celer will be the spider in the web. Its network will connect all the BASes and the main BNB chain. Celer will be the default solution. The Celer network will offer interchain communication.

BSC Application Sidechain

Source: Celer Network


The BNB chain has grown a lot. The last two years have been busy. This resulted in a great addition to the chain. The BSC Application Sidechain (BAS) Testnet will bring the chain to the next level. This will bring millions or even billions of players to the chain. Or, actually, to the BAS sidechain.

Also, the benefits for both the BNB chain and Celer will be numerous. For instance, financially and in volume. Both will enjoy an increase in traffic. As a result, the layer 2 solution will make sure that the mainnet will not become overloaded.

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