DeFi Kingdoms Crystalvale

Early players of DeFi Kingdoms know the original game launched on Harmony. However, in the 2022’s, cross-chain is key. As a result, DeFi Kingdom released its latest game on Avalanche.

With 4,500 TPS, low fees, and an extremely fast transaction speed, it makes perfect sense. So, here it is, a brand-new realm, DeFi Kingdoms Crystalvale.

What is DeFi Kingdom’s Crystalvale?

DeFi Kingdom’s Crystalvale has plenty of new features and resources. Going cross-chain is also a first. We will explain how you can get started on the DeFi Kingdom (DFK) chain. Furthermore, we also cover how to start when already on Avalanche. Moreover, we explain some new game features.

According to the announcement, one of the biggest additions to DFK is its new token, CRYSTAL. This new token has several use cases:

  • Buy and mint Hero NFTs.
  • Swap on the in-game DEX.
  • Stake for fee-sharing.
  • Pool for liquidity.
  • Governance.

Also, this token is going to power the Crystalvale realm. Summon and buy NFT Hero’s with CRYSTAL. Moreover, to clarify for all players, DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale, is a Harmony-based game. All important features are available in Crystalvale.

Crystalvale has Gen 0 Hero NFTs. These are a limited series. However, they are unique to Crystalvale and have new genes and classes. The games will see an increase in quests and resources. One way of earning CRYSTAL tokens is by using and leveling up your HERO NFTs. 

During the release, the game will start with three locations. 

  • The marketplace:  This is the DFK DEX. You can also provide liquidity to LP pools. Furthermore, you can trade NFTs here.
  • Ice Gardens: These are liquidity pools. You receive rewards in CRYSTAL. 
  • Jeweler: Here you can stake CRYSTAL tokens. Rewards are a percentage of in-game transactions.

DeFi Kingdoms Jeweler

Source: DeFi Kingdoms Crystalvale.

How to Bridge From Harmony to Avalanche

The Docks have the function of a bridge in the game. For bridging services, you need JEWEL token to pay gas fees on this bridge. Make sure to have some in your wallet. The bridge has a protocol that does everything for you. It will automatically swap JEWEL to CRYSTAL for you.

To clarify, there is only one liquidity pool available at game launch. This is a JEWEL/xJEWEL pool. The JEWELER will swap xJEWEL for JEWEL. In addition, if you want to stake CRYSTAL, you will need xJEWEL bridged over. This will be a separate transaction. Adding liquidity must be in equal shares of the pair. Once both the JEWEL and xJEWEL tokens are bridged over, you can use the Docks to travel to Crystalvale. In the Ice Garden, you can deposit your two tokens. However, first, pair your tokens in the marketplace with Druid Ulfur.

DeFi Kingdoms play

Source: DeFi Kingdoms Crystalvale
The Avalanche Bridge

Avalanche users can go straight to the game and visit Snow Sage Ellia at the Outpost. Here is a bridge for sending AVAX to DFK. In case you still need to swap tokens, there is a DEX here as well. Ellia will help you to get your wallet configured. You will receive some free gas. This allows for swapping AVAX to JEWEL. Now you can stake CRYSTAL and pay for future gas fees.

In addition, new players will have to set up a wallet like MetaMask. After setting everything up, you get the choice between the two games. Serendal on Harmony chain with the ONE token. On the other hand, you can opt to join Crystalvale on Avalanche. Now you will need AVAX. 

Furthermore, we like to point out that the JEWEL token pumped hard recently. Then, the recent 14-day period saw a 106% increase. 


This P2E MMORPG is spreading its wings. It not only introduced a new game, Crystalvale, with its new token CRYSTAL. Most importantly, DeFi Kingdoms also used a new chain, Avalanche.

DFK builds on a DeFi foundation with rare and unique NFTs. As a result, the imminent future for DFK looks bright, helped by a massive pump of the JEWEL token.

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