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Blockchain Games. You know it’s one of the fastest-growing sectors of the crypto economy. And you also know many have gotten crushed in this bear market. So, you might think that is slowing down gaming development or maybe games are a less attractive investment.

And if you think that, you’d be wrong. There has NEVER been a better time to invest in metaverse games than NOW. And bear markets don’t last forever so don’t you want to be ready? Those that get in early in profitable games can do 100x or more. Want to see which games I like right now? Let’s take a look.

Game #1: Apeiron

Getting in early is key to making big $$ on games. And our first game does not get much earlier than this. Apeiron. Their land sale, which they call Stars instead of land, is starting their pre-sale in just a few days.

That’s how early you are. Apeiron is a ‘godgame’. It’s the first one that is NFT-based. The NFTs are planets, stars, or relics/weapons. You use these NFTs to build out your planet and earn through gameplay.

The point of the game is to grow your planet into something prosperous. Then you can align with other planets or play in a PvE or PvP environment. One of the limiting features of metaverse games is they are often a closed loop meaning you can only cash out by selling to another player in the same game.

Not so on Apeiron, you will be able to trade or sell to another player. But you can also use these NFTs in other games or sell them on an open marketplace like OpenSea. This versatility means a lot more utility for Apeiron NFTs, especially while the game is new.

The token model is unique too with 3 tokens instead of the standard 1 or 2 of the other games on this list. I like this new model and I’ll explain why in just a second.

Why I like Apeiron 

We are unbelievably early on this one. The presale of 11,498 Stars takes place on the 18th of this month so if you register and get yourself on the whitelist, you can jump right in and start building. Second, Apeiron has a 3-token model tokenomics:

  • ANIMA, the in-game token.
  • APRS, the governance token.
  • RINGU, Ringularity, the special rewards premium token.

The $RINGU token is a real differentiator. All games do governance and in-game tokens. Sometimes it’s 1 token and sometimes 2. But the $RINGU token here is a genius move by Apeiron.

It’s a specific token to attract the gaming guilds. They know most new gamers will come through a guild. In this way, game guilds like Yield Guild Games and Merit Circle have a lot of influence. This token is a premium token given out when ‘large-scale events’ take place. You can only participate in these events through a long, sustained commitment in the game Galactic Events or through alliances and GvG (guild v guild) playing.

More About Apeiron

The message here is loud and clear. Guilds, bring us your players and you, and they will be rewarded. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy to use the Ringularity coin in this way. It should help Apeiron grow faster than other games. Plus, all 3 coins including $RINGU will be available to trade on exchanges. This way if you are not part of a guild but want a chance to unlock these bigger benefits, you can just buy the token.

In all my time watching and reporting on games, this is the first time I’ve seen the 3 token model and the emphasis on targeting guilds. I think it’s a real innovation and this won’t be the last time we see this.

What godgames do you like? Do you have a preference? Or do you prefer FPS games? Let us know in the comments below.

Game #2: Kryxivia

The knock-on P2E games are that they feel like a job to earn the money because they are not that fun to play. Kryxivia is an exception to this rule. We like the game so much that we did a dedicated video on them about 6 months ago: 

With Kryxivia, you can play individually, in groups, or a PvE environment. So you have lots of flexibility and ways to earn. The game is built with Unity Multiplay and has a medieval setting with cool graphics. It does look fun to play.

Why I Like Kryxivia

I like Kryxivia for a couple of reasons. First, the fun cannot be understated. Games are only successful long-term if they are fun. Most of this generation of blockchain games are not fun to play. So far.

Second, they use both NFTs and 2 tokens in their gameplay. This means a couple of different ways to earn and ways to spend/cash out what you make.

The NFT use is unique here in that you can import and export NFTs into the game directly from the BNB Chain or sell it here when the NFT marketplace opens. They have a 2 token model I like for games to have with a blockchain/governance token $KXA and an in-game token $KXS.

Do you like the 2 token models for a game? Let us know in the comments below.

Game #3: Alterverse

Alterverse is our next choice. Alterverse and it’s metaverse Sky City look like if you transported Dubai into the 25th century. And the metaverse will expand into models of other cities like London and New York.

Sky City is the main hub of the Alterverse. It’s a city that’s free to get into and build upon like Decentraland. Sky City has 17 large floating platforms they call Halospheres that are like groups of neighborhoods bound together.

Along with this are 2 games in the works. One is an FPS game and the other is a strategy survival game.

Why I Like Alterverse

I like this game for a couple of reasons. First, Alterverse is in the Binance Labs incubator. I cannot understate how big a benefit this is. Binance gives it money and tons of expert advice on how to make its metaverse successful.

Second, Binance just invested NEW money along with other investing leaders Polygon and Enjinstarter to help them advance.

Third, as you may have guessed from 1 and 2, you are SERIOUSLY EARLY in this one. You can invest in the coins at the same time VCs are investing in the platform. The same No. But still, very early.

Lastly, they built on Enjin, which is a team I admire for its long history and work on NFT token standards like ERC-1155.

Game #4: Anarcade

My last game for today is Anarcade. Anarcade goes back to the old arcade and casino games. It’s a Web 3 integrated mini-games & casino platform dedicated to hardcore gamers. The platform is built on a combination of web 2 & web 3 technology for user safety.


Source: Medium

The platform hosts a variety of games including Raffles, Coin Flip & Blackjack where users can deposit as little as $2 to play. As the platform scales, it will host more native arcade games and peer-to-peer competitions.

The team’s mission for the platform is to provide the opportunity for anyone regardless of their financial or economic background the ability to participate in the games with low entry and fair chances to win big, or just hang out and connect.

Anarcade’s socials are growing rapidly with the announcement of their free mintable collection of 7,777 NFTs. The mint is coming soon so it’s another chance to get in early.

The team’s next step is to implement a range of arcade and casino games such as slot machines, followed by peer-to-peer poker where the platform will host tournaments and live poker games for web 3 communities.

Why I Like Anarcade

Real blockchain gambling is a niche within gaming that’s small but positioned to grow. Blockchain is in a unique position to make the games provably fair. To show the games aren’t scams just to bring money into the house.

anarcade review

Source: Medium

The NFTs that you buy gives you a chance to earn a piece of the profits. And you know the saying ‘The House ALWAYS Wins’

And that’s our look at my top 4 games right now. Before you go, don’t forget to comment below with your favorite game.

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