ajuna network raises $7 million and release its first nft game

If you’re into blockchain gaming, you’ve heard of Unreal Engine and Unity. These are leading game development engines. It’s Ajuna Network who fully integrates them with blockchain and NFTs. It just raised $7 million in seed and private funding rounds. The platform also just launched its first NFT collective game, Awesome Ajuna Avatars.

So, let’s take a closer look at Ajuna Network and what it is doing.

What Is Ajuna Network?

Ajuna Network wants to make developers live simpler. It focuses on Unreal and Unity. The platform aims to offer a simpler way to build incentive layers into its games. For this, it uses tokenized virtual goods. Its headquarters is in Switzerland. Ajuna Network also has a fully known team. However, its platform lives on Polkadot

It intends to make it easier to onboard developers and traditional gamers. For this, it will use trusted execution environments (TEEs). These link to the Polkadot network. A TEE is an area on a main processor. However, it’s separated from the main OS or operating system.  As a result, you can store, process, and protect data in a secure environment. 

This will result in fast and secure decentralized gaming ecosystems. Furthermore, these are also scalable. Exactly the kind of features gamers and devs want in and for their games. The picture below shows you the Ajuna architecture.

Ajuna Network
Ajuna press deck
Funding Rounds

Ajuna Network has completed two funding rounds. CMCC Global led a private fund round that raised $5 million. OKC Blockdream Ventures and Signum Capital also joined this round. Another well-known name that joined this round is Animoca Brands, the team behind Axie Infinity. It already invested in Ajuna’s parent company, BloGa Tech AG. CMCC Global is a prominent investment firm in the technology space. 

Fundamental Labs led a separate round for seed investors. This raised $2 million in February 2023. 

Ajuna plans to use the funding to step up their suite of tools integrating with leading gaming engines. It also plan to keep developing off-chain game operators that use TEEs. This should lead to the development of an interoperable and decentralized gaming ecosystem. To be precise, based on blockchain technology with digital assets, like NFTs

Ajuna already has parachains on both Polkadot and Kusama. Ajuna Network on Polkadot and Bajun on Kusama. With this in place, it is on its way to bringing Web3 gaming to a mass audience. Besides Polkadot, it also plans to branch out to Ethereum and Polygon.

Awesome Ajuna Avatars (AAA) NFTs

Ajuna also released its first NFT collection. So, this is its First Season and is inspired by Ajuna’s flagship game, BattleMogs. Later this year, more seasons will launch.

In less than 12 hours, it managed to have over 500 players. It can also boast over 11,000 mints and 60,000 forges. See the following tweet.

Gamers can find more of the following,

  • Control – with governance, you have a say in the game.
  • Fun – with a responsive and fast game with great graphics.
  • Value – you own the in-game assets and can trade them.
  • Freedom – bring your in-game items to various games.
  • Trust – Ajuna has a unique way of making scoring fair.
  • Security – your in-game assets are safe.

Here’s a video trailer of the Awesome Ajuna Avatars.


Ajuna just managed to secure $7 million via funding rounds. This allows it to keep building. It is also working on a cross-chain network. Jumping from Polkadot to Ethereum and Polygon, in due time.

Furthermore, it also released its first NFT collection – First Season. This is the Awesome Ajuna Avatars collection.

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