Bringing you a round up of most important and relevant news and updates from the blockchain gaming space for the past week.

The blockchain gaming space is ever evolving and let’s admit it, going over countless number of telegram groups and discord channels can be a real hassle at times. We aim to provide our readers with a quick and easy weekly dose of blockchain gaming updates all in one place!

All the links included in the article direct you to the official platforms and there are no referral links included.

Let’s begin the news summary in alphabetical order:

Addirktive Games:
Addirktive Games is developing a new multiplayer strategy game called City States Medieval. Plus their thoughts on the crypto gaming industry.

Axie Infinity
Sixth issue of the The Lunacian, a periodical covering the latest news & developments from the Axie universe is out. Covering the latest updates on Community Tournament, MakerDAO promotion results, Community Call, Offers for Land/Items live!

Blockchain Cuties
Neo Cuties presale if officially live now! Featuring over 10 never seen before Cuties and you can get a 50% discount.

CHAINWISE Group and DNABlock
Chain Clash, a new f2p battle game powered by blockchain is out now and you can participate in the private beta by registering on their website. The gameplay, game activities and avatars all explained in this handy guide for Chain Clash.

Global Blockchain Game Ecosystem Conference in Shanghai was hosted by CocoaChina and DappReview on 2nd Aug. CocosBCX also announced partnership with DappReview.
Plus Cocos-BCX adds C++/Python SDKs into their list of SDKs.

Presale has started for CryptoHeroes, a combination of EOS Knights and EOS Dynasty games. Presale ends on 22 August.

11.88 million of SOUL burnt in Soul Burn #8.
Also, Merge Cat is opened to US citizens now.

The “Mark of Hero” will be dropped from the field, starting on Saturday 8/3 00:00 am (UTC+0) and the first entry to RAID Room will be held on 8/10.

Dapper Labs
Get early access for the new NBA collectable game made by Dapper Labs by registering on their website. 

A global, two-week Decentraland content creation competition, known as Decentraland Game Jam with over $275,000USD in prizes has been announced to be scheduled from September 16-30. The aim is to create awesome interactive content that will form part of Decentraland – a virtual world owned by its users.

Elementeum Games
Elementeum Games has released its founder token sale info for Ether Legends. 
A formal announcement of partnership with SilicanNexus was made on 26/7/2019.
Collect the Men and Beast set by 8/30 and receive 15000 ELET.

Egretia released their Bi-Weekly Report covering Football King, exchange info and more.

Game Delta
2nd project NyanCat is ready to be launched and presale is live.

Gods Unchained
A detailed explanation of deck types, card info and strategies can now be found in this handy deck building guide. Plus the Balance patch notes 30/7/2019 can be found on discord.

• ERC-1155 support is coming to 0x protocol on August 5.
• Batch transfer of ERC1155 tokens can be done on
• Witek Radomski, Enjin Co-Founder & CTO, sits down with 0x to discuss the ERC-1155 standard (created by Enjin).
• A public status page to broadcast Enjin updates and maintenance related issues is now available.

Enjin Games & Platforms
• Kriptomat rewards program is launching on 12/08.
• Beyond Horizon platform update is here covering their plans, Reewardio and more!
• Cryptonom founder’s token and public sale information is ready.
• Nestables presale is on.
9lives Arena Alpha season has started.
Alterverse to the moon sale has begun.
• The Six Dragons new gameplay video is ready!
• Containment Corps first strike sale is live.

ITAM Games
The ITAm Games August newsletter announced that ITAM Token- 2nd Round Public ICO is now completed. Also covered updates on Dark Town, and monthly referral event winner announcements. Plus Dark Town will be giving out Keys and Soul Stones every weekday starting Aug 5.

Plair Life
CS:GO tournament available and Plair’s Alpha 0.8 update.

Introduction to Rhoam, a trading game that utilises Enjin was published by their team.

Guild feature now available and joining a guild gives a bonus % for DEC gained.

• Blog Update: Say good-bye to centralised authentication systems thanks to XAYA ID (XID), a decentralised secure authentication system running on the XAYA blockchain.
• Conceived in 2015, the XAYA Game Channels technology is finally here to preview in Xayaships.
• Taurion tech demo has been released and you can be part of testing it.

That’s all we have for this week folks!

If you want a platform/game to be on our radar kindly email us at [email protected] with the relevant information and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it!


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