How to Stake Axie Infinity ($AXS) Tokens

Sky Mavis and Axie Infinity’s communities are rebuilding their economies in order to shift to a more sustainable system. They’re using a game design idea called Power Creep.

Axie Infinity is going to rebuild its economy with a principle known as Power Creep. And Power Creep is a type of politically acceptable anti-inflationary strategy since it removes items from circulation without really deleting them. In fact, it does what no one wants, but slowly and in an acceptable way.

An example of using Power Creep in the game is World of Warcraft. If they hadn’t created the best Power Creep system in existence, World of Warcraft would have seen rapid inflation. Because Molten Core gear let more players complete Molten Core, therefore farming more gear, the scarcest resource would eventually become common.

Three things will improve the economy of Axie Infinity:

  • moving $SLP rewards to PvP

By only paying out to the best players, they create a demand for higher quality Axies.

  • Charms and Runes

These are improvements that can be bought with $SLP

  • Social signaling

It is the second flavor of Power Creep. In-game social strength comes from showing and expressing one’s personality. It is possible to make a lot of money selling cosmetics and visual effects. These social signals may begin easily, but as games develop, characters become brighter, larger, more animated, and so on.

What is Power Creep?

A word used in any type of multi-player game (including video games, collectible card games, and tabletop games) to describe the process by which a newly-added item may be played alongside existing content. The thing is that the new content is significantly more powerful in every aspect.

At least from a monetary standpoint, this makes sense. Newly added content requires that people buy and use it. Power Creep almost always results in a Broken Base. The most “conservative” gamers feel that the additional unbalanced content is an insult to the old game (which might be true or not, depending on the case). On the other side, there will always be gamers who enjoy the new additions, claiming that they make the game more exciting to play. Positive things of Power Creep:

  • making games faster
  • tournaments become more accessible
  • less time-consuming
  • easier to plan
Downsides of Power Creep

Power Creep, on the other hand, has a negative connotation. The reason for this is that, while there are a few exceptions, it typically indicates that the producers were unable to come up with something innovative and instead resorted to repeating themselves, just with larger numbers. Power Creep also tends to push a game beyond its predefined boundaries, resulting in one of two outcomes:

  •  a competition of mindless speed
  •  or predictable slow strategies

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