Blockchain Gaming Updates at a glance

Bringing you a round-up of the most important developments in the blockchain gaming space. This week saw the release of many cool games.

Let’s begin the blockchain gaming updates summary in alphabetical order.

No referral links included and all links direct you to the official platforms.

Blockade Games
Blockade Games introduces its game developer platform. Anyone can apply for beta access.

CastleCrypto has written a very detailed guide on a new digital CCG, Baeond, by Playproof LLC. Baeond is also a deck-building game and can be played using Tabletop simulator.

The July rankings for Cocos-BCX buidlers and angels are now out. The count is currently at 70 teams. Only those teams that have submitted contribution reports before August 10, will receive 46.8 million of COCOS. Cocos-BCX has also partnered with a blockchain ecosystem security company, SlowMist. SlowMist will help safeguard digital assets on the Cocos-BCX ecosystem and ensure security.
Some good news for Japanese supporters as Cocos-BCX’s website is now available in Japanese too.

The 2nd episode of CryptoDozer’s player spotlight is out. Blaze, the 11th ranked player, shares his tips and tricks on how to conquer the giant coins.

A big update containing a new act, new gear, a new VIP system and lots more is now out.

The bi-weekly report is out with lots of wallets, partners and Football King updates.

Enjin Games/platform

  • Amgo distribution has been complete
  • AMGO deposits are now live on Arena Match Beta version 0.5.0
  • Cubicverse Ultimate Founders Token Sale is live
  • Age of Rust Season 1 starts in December

Ether Legends kickstarter has begun.

The official launch date for Gods Unchained going to take place on October 29th. There will be a lot of marketing. Meanwhile, Gods Unchained is continuing to update games with balance changes to Epics.

Itam Games
Week #3 of Itam updates is now out. The developers, specifically, worked on BlueDawn and Dark Town.

TRON Presаle starts on October 1 and a new bounty campaign with $100,000 worth of game assets is up for grabs. 

Mix Marvel’s platform token Mix is now listed on CoinW. Speaking of which,  their most recently to-be-launched game, Ground Hunter, opens a bid of 2,000,000 MIX for their top weapon. The auction price for this weapon is now 20 times higher than the original bid. Its price now stands at $1500. Ground Hunter is an FPS game that will be co-launched by NEO at year-end.

A small update for NyanCat is out.

Ocean Rumble
A guide on ZIL tokens and how to obtain them is released.

That’s all we have for this week! If you want a blockchain gaming platform to be on our radar kindly email us at [email protected] with the relevant information and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it!

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