Blockchain Gaming Updates Week 46

Bringing you a round-up of the most important developments in the blockchain gaming space. Find out what’s happening with our exclusive overview.

Let’s begin the blockchain gaming updates summary in alphabetical order.

No referral links included and all links direct you to the official platforms.

Battle Racers
Battle Racers will be available to everyone on 25 November. Sign up before 20 December to stand a chance to win crates.

Blockchain Cuties
Check out Blockchain Cuties newest addition to the Halloween collection.

Cardmaker is giving away $1000USD in a UGC solution event and other new events are out as well.

Chain Clash
Chain Clash official trailer is now out.

Tron is hosting a Dapp development challenge and registration starts November 15.

Fancies Breeder’s cup is back and ends on November 30.

1.93 million of SOUL burnt in Soul Burn #17

Crypto Sword and Magic
A major update containing Act 8, colosseum and Avatar system is now live.

War Riders weapon sale is now live.

Enjin platform/games

Kucoin Play
Nimiq is launching a contest on KuCoinPlay. Nimiq will be giving away 3,000,000 NIM to 500 of the top participants on KuCoinPlay.

Find out what happened during Alpha and check out this 1000 pack opening.

Find out all about NFT economics in one of the most play blockchain games in the world.

Some small updates were released.

Gods Unchained cards are now able to be listed on Opensea.

Plair is releasing 2v2 game mode on CSGO.

Learn all about enchantments in SkyWeaver’s series Sky #4.

That’s all we have for this week! If you have a blockchain game that you think might interest us, drop an email to [email protected] with the relevant information and we’ll be happy to learn more.

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