Blockchain Gaming Updates Week 7

Bringing you a round-up of the most important developments and updates in the blockchain gaming space. Find out what’s happening with our exclusive overview.

Let’s begin the blockchain gaming updates summary in alphabetical order.

No referral links included and all links direct you to the official platforms.

The 15th issue of The Lunacian is out covering development updates and more. Also, PVP Season 1 with 1,500 DAI to be won is starting February 17th, 9 AM EST.

New treasures are coming to Blockchain Cuties.

CryptantCrab released its Q1 2020 update with new features, quality of life changes and more.

The CEO of Chainbreakers joins CryptoMotors as an advisor.

Decentraland introduces a new naming system into their ecosystem.
Matic Network and Cryptokitties join in the Decentraland treasure hunt happening on 20th February.

Enjin platform/games

F1® Delta Time
Crate pricing is now out.

Week 9 & 10 marketplace analysis is out. GodsUnchained is also taking further measures to weed out bots.

Water temple and battle quest are now opened.

KuCoinPlay Rebrands To WinPlay.App and rewards have been distributed for past contests.

Splinterlands released its Alpha version of their mobile app.

A new city simulator game hits the Steem blockchain.

Taurion’s 2nd treasure hunt has concluded and here is the breakdown of what happened.

The Sandbox
Find out all about The Sandbox 2nd land presale here.

That’s all we have for this week. Check out the weekly updates from the past week if you missed them.

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