Crypto Citizen

The popular Crypto Citizen game is launching two Alpha Test games. After a successful Drag Race 1.0, it’s now time for Drag Race 2.0. Furthermore, they also launch the PvP Fights 1.0 game. The best news is that the games are free to play.

For everybody who takes part in this Crypto Citizen Alpha Test 2.0, there’s $5,000 in rewards waiting. Let’s go and find out what this is all about!

What Is Crypto Citizen Game?

Crypto Citizen is the brainchild of QORPO games. QORPO is part of the GameFi movement and handles crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. 

Crypto Citizen, on the other hand, plays out in Metropolit City in 2101. They are setting up new ways to earn and rule in the NFT metaverse. As a result, you can monetize your ideas with a modular building system. 

They have a unique game economics model, by means of their CCASH token. This allows you to govern Metropolit. However, it’s up to you if you like to do this in a legal way or not.

Drag Races 2.0

The Drag Races first Alpha test is in the bin. The try-outs went down well and were successful. Now it’s time to up it and Drag Races 2.0 hits the streets. It’s free to play and has a $3,000 reward. The best 25 players can split the reward between them. However, you do need to own a Crypto Citizen NFT if you want to share in the rewards. You will also need to deposit this in the QORPO market. This is the same for both Alpha Test games. The other $2,000 reward is for bug hunters. Here is a clear explanation on the rewards.

As already mentioned, the game is free to play and will be live until May 15th. Each race lasts for just 15 seconds. But these are 15 seconds filled with excitement and adrenaline. There is also no difference if you race 1v1 or 1v7.

You need some good skills to get the right acceleration out of your car. The start requires you to be attentive and press a button at the right time. In the meantime, an indicator moves the whole time on your ‘tachometer’. This makes it more challenging to hit the proper spot. However, doing it right, gives you added acceleration.

During the actual racing part, you need to shift gears. No less than 7 gears are waiting for you. It’s of utter importance to shift gears at the exact right moment. Otherwise, you don’t gain speed.

PvP Fights 1.0

You play with 3 fighters or bosses, and it’s turn-based. You fight for 10 seconds and the first one to lose his fighters, loses the game. There are Bosses and Fighters. Furthermore, each avatar has 5 genetic elements.

Currently, there are 3 game modes in PvP Fights. These are 

Classic—3v3 fight without modifications. 10 seconds + 2 energy points. This is the game that is available during the Alpha Test.

Fast Fight—3v3 fight and only 5 seconds. You receive 2 energy points.  

Double Energy—3v3 fight over 10 seconds. You receive 4 energy points.


The game rewards are $3,000. The top 5 gamers receive 400, 200, 150, 125,125 BUSD. After that, there are 20 x 100 BUSD rewards.

For bug hunters, there is $2,000 to share between 20 hunters.

Last but not least, you can also win Loot Boxes. But, yeah right, only for the official game, not for the Alpha Test. The loot is in 4 tiers. To clarify, that’s common, super, epic, and legendary. Of course, all attributes and rewards are different for each of them.  Check this link to find out more about the games and how to join.

Crypto Citizen

Source: Crypto Citizen website


Join Crypto Citizen for an exciting and adrenaline-filled two Alpha Test games. Drag Race 2.0 and PvP Fight 1.0 are up and running until May 15th. Be part of this test and have a chance to win your share of the $5,000 reward.

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