Dapp Data with DappRadar Week 46

Bringing you key statistics and interesting numbers from the blockchain gaming space. 

Find out who is topping the charts in our exclusive coverage. Courtesy of DappRadar.

7 Day Activity of the Top Gaming and Marketplace Dapps of the week

  1. Name: Cat Promotion
    Protocol: TRON
    Users: 4k
  2. Name: My Crypto Heroes
    Protocol: ETH
    Users: 3.9k
  3. Name: EOS Dynasty
    Protocol: EOS
    Users: 2.8k
  4. Name: HyperDragonsGo
    Protocol: ONT
    Users: 2.7k
  5. Name: HyperSnakes
    Protocol: TRON
    Users: 2k

  1. Name: Treasure Land 
    Protocol: ONT
    Volume: $106k
  2. Name: XPET
    Protocol: EOS
    Volume: $45.1k
  3. Name: HyperSnakes
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $43.7k
  4. Name: CryptoSpells
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $41.4k
  5. Name: Blockchain Cuties 
    Protocol: NEO
    Volume: $25.9k

  1. Name: Opensea
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $109.8k
    Users: 707
  2. Name: SpiderDEX
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $9k
    Users: 147
  3. Name: Auctionity
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $5k
    Users: 215

Highlights of the week
During Blockshow Asia 2019, Jon Jordan from DappRadar was the moderator discussing the topic on “Triple-A” studios thinking Blockchain”. The panel consisted of Jon Linden, CEO of Mythical Games, Yat Siu, Co-founder & Chairman, Animoca Brands, Daniel Doll-Steinberg, Co-founder of Atari Token and Nicolas Pouard, Blockchain Initiative Director at Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab. Click here for video footage of the panel discussion, skip to 05:44 for the start. Here is a summary of the key points of the discussion.

News and Updates

  • Waves Protocol now listed on DappRadar
  • Skirmantas Januškas, CEO of DappRadar spoke about NFTs & Blockchain Gaming at The Capital. Find out more of what unfolded in this coverage of the panel discussion. 

Notable Changes 

Check out previous weeks updates if you have missed them.

Dapp Data with DappRadar Week 45




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