Dapp Data with DappRadar Week 45

Bringing you key statistics and interesting numbers from the blockchain gaming space. 

Find out who is topping the charts in our exclusive coverage. Courtesy of DappRadar.

7 Day Activity of the Top Gaming and Marketplace Dapps of the week

  1. Name: Cat Promotion
    Protocol: TRON
    Users: 4k
  2. Name: My Crypto Heroes
    Protocol: ETH
    Users: 3.8k
  3. Name: HyperDragonsGo
    Protocol: ONT
    Users: 3.1k
  4. Name: EOS Dynasty
    Protocol: EOS
    Users: 2.7k
  5. Name: HyperSnakes
    Protocol: TRON
    Users: 2.1k


  1. Name: Planet Boom
    Protocol: Tron
    Volume: $2.3m
  2. Name: HyperSnakes
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $47.8k
  3. Name: Crypto Sword & Magic
    Protocol: EOS
    Volume: $21.5k
  4. Name: HyperSnakes
    Protocol: ONT
    Volume: $19.9k
  5. Name: MegaCryptoPolis
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $16.9k

  1. Name: Opensea
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $138.3k
    Users: 681
  2. Name: SpiderDEX
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $8.4k
    Users: 144
  3. Name: Auctionity
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $5.4k
    Users: 234

Highlight of the week

News and Updates

Notable Changes 

Since the start of November, CPU congestion on the EOS blockchain has seen a drop of 43% in the combined DAUs of the top 5 Dapps on EOS.

Here is what the developer from EOS Knights has to say as well.


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