Enjin Wallet Adds Token Swaps for ERC-20 Pairs

Ethereum-based token swaps were available on Kyber before. Now all ERC-20 pairs have been enabled via Kyber Network. 

The Enjin Wallet has now another reason consolidating its position as one of the best blockchain wallets around.

Notably, the Enjin Wallet has an in-built cryptocurrency exchange with 4 providers. Kyber Network is one of them and now offers more options for in-app token swaps.

In-app exchange

The Enjin Wallet has many amazing features and the in-app exchange is one of them. If you want to swap your cryptocurrencies or just want to take a look at the exchange rate, head over to the exchange.

You will be brought to the exchange page where you can swap your cryptocurrencies. Select the coin which you want to convert in the ‘You Send’ column. Next, you choose the coin you want to receive in the ‘You Receive’ column. For example, if you want to swap Enjin Coin (ENJ) to Kyber Network (KNC), select both coins accordingly.

Once you have selected both options, type in an amount to convert. An exchange rate will appear for each of the exchange providers. The Enjin Wallet will automatically pre-select the best exchange rate out of all the exchanges for your conversion.

The app also shows the speed and exact price of each exchange. From personal experience, it usually takes less than a minute for the conversion to happen. Once you are happy with the rate, hit the ‘Convert With’ button with the name of the selected exchange. In this case, the best option is the Kyber Network.

This will bring you to the confirmation page to confirm your action. Do note there is a sending fee in which you require Ethereum in your wallet. Click on the Convert with the exchange you are using to finalize the conversion. After this, just wait for the tokens to be in your wallet.

The Enjin Wallet also has an exchange log that shows all your conversion details. If there is any error, you can contact support from there.

Overall, the exchange is smooth and easy to use. For those who don’t like storing your assets on exchanges, you can consider using the Enjin Wallet as an alternative.

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  1. Kyber Network has been a surprise to me and my friends. The potential and multi-use for this coin made me be able to help my family.


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