Rhoam: Dragons of Nor

Rhoam will carry out 8 presales. Each presale spotlights a Genesis Legendary Asset and a Genesis Avatar.

In this 2nd presale, the game offers the Astrid Avatar and Green and Purple Dragons. Each 5 card pack contains a Legendary asset, 2 Epic assets, and 2 Rare assets. Items from the packs are unique and cannot be pulled from subsequent presales. Accordingly, subsequent presales will contain new and unique batches of items.

People who purchase Avatars will be entitled to an exclusive presale skin. This skin will only be available in the presale and will not be offered in the main sale. Nor can it be won in the future.

What do the colors mean?

RHOAM is a storytelling and trading game based on color zones. Players will only be able to use the items of the same color zone (if they’re in it). This means you can’t use the Purple Dragon while questing in the blue zone. However, you can trade your assets if you need new ones.

Genesis Assets

The Genesis sale is the only time you can purchase Rhoam items that give you an in-game advantage. All Genesis assets come with a plus 1 advantage which will give an earning boost for treasures in-game.

Hotlist Dates and Times
Open until January 22nd, 9:59 pm PST
Hotlist Only: January 22nd, 10 pm PST to Midnight.
Presale: January 22nd 10pm PST to January 31 10pm.

Hotlist Bonus
Hotlist: $5 off packs and Avatar
Packs: Presale Price $35 (Hotlist $30)
Avatar: Presale Price $20 (Hotlist $15)
To get the hotlist discount you must be on the list and purchase in the two-hour hotlist window.

Triple Buy Bonus

If you purchase both packs (Green Dragon and Purple Dragon Pack) and the Avatar, you will receive a bonus Red Dragon 5 Card Pack.

Rhoam Referral Program

There will also be a Rhoam referral program starting from this presale.

One benefit is that there are 10% earnings for those who refer purchases to others.

Top 10

There is a leaderboard where the top 10 users with the most referrals win exclusive prizes. This competition will run throughout the whole Genesis Sale. You’ll be able to check out your status by clicking on the Bonus Earnings tab or by clicking the Trophy Icon on the referral bar.


Each person in the top 10 will receive one Ridiculously Rare Universal Asset. The game plans to mint only one asset of this kind. Additionally, they will be available for Legendary and Epic rarity and can be used in any color zone in RHOAM.

The top referrer will win a Custom Costume in the RHOAM Avatar of their choice. Rhovit has partnered with ShapeShifterZ for this initiative. The winner will be able to choose from any of our 8 Genesis Avatars.

Sign up on their website now to start climbing the leaderboards or snag one of their limited edition Genesis Assets.

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