Giveaway Galore with CoinDreams: Week 2

CoinDreams provides the latest airdrops, giveaways and many more promotions in the world of crypto. This segment provides you with all the juicy freebies exclusively in blockchain gaming.

The contests and giveaways are arranged expiry-wise. Get ready for a giveaway galore.

Pro-Members Christmas Giveaway

Ends in: 2 Days
Reward: 50x Zikog Dragons, 50x Crypto Gamers Founders Token, 5x Crypto Gamers branded merch

How to participate

  1. Sign up to be a Pro-Member of Crypto Gamers
  2. Go to their GiveLab

Taurion Treasure Hunt #2

Ends in: 18 Days
Rewards: Over $10,000 worth of prizes

How to Participate

  1. Sign up with your email
  2. Download the XAYA wallet from your PC
  3. Claim a free entry pack by filling out this form.
  4. Download Taurion.
  5. Learn how to prospect and combat.

MCH Community Growth Campaign

Ends in: 18 Days

  • 1st: 2x Taira no Masakado(Epic Hero)
  • 2nd: Mary Read(Rare Hero)
  • 3rd: Goemon Ishikawa(Rare Hero)
  • 4th: Salome(Uncommon Hero)
  • 5th: Wright Brothers(Uncommon Hero)
  • Lucky draw(2x): Elite Sensu, Elite Goblet

How to participate

  1. Write an article for new users to learn more about MCH.
  2. Post your article to this campaign channel.

Super Hero: FAST mining

End in: 5 Months 19 Days
Rewards: 500 FAST

How to participate

  1. Sign in with a support EOS wallet like Scatter
  2. Go to the mining zone, behind the big wall.
  3. Mine ores to earn FAST tokens.
  4. Different quality of ores will provide different amounts of FAST tokens.

CoinDreams also shows airdrops and contests not limited to blockchain gaming. Download their app to find out more.


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