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Grasshopper Farm has created a way to have fun as well as earn and use NFTs on Telegram.

Telegram has been commonly used for communication for blockchain projects and groups. It is one of the best ways to connect with key people, learn more about the project and also look for updates.

As much as most of us love playing games, work and other commitments do take away a lot of time for that. However, for most of us in the crypto space, we try to pop in from time to time on telegram to check for any updates happening.

An update from James McDavid, Founder of Grasshopper Farm

Hey there! I wanted to provide some quick updates on the project. Things continue to move full steam ahead! We continue to play with new quests and collabs, including an active one with!

Although we have not signed up for our own platform (waiting for public allowance of token transfers between platforms) we have integrated blockchain balance querying directly through the contract since our last chat.

Behind the scenes, I am doing a lot of work to revamp the menu system and make the bot feel like more of a game – immersive menus, similar to town navigation of an RTS or some of those mobile games (but text-based). Following this will come to the introduction of the options to build, craft, and upgrade blockchain-based NFT items – player-owned assets that will reflect their unique upgrades. Complete ownership of this will allow players to buy, sell, and trade almost every aspect of the project, allowing players to explore several different ways to play the game. Some focused on crafting, some on manufacturing and selling upgraded buildings, some focused on battling! There will be a host of possibilities.

Grasshopper Farm Statistics

  • 6346 Quests/Rolls done
  • 123 Registered users
  • 1054 Automated Telegram Blockchain Transactions

In collaboration with Fox Den, a new adventure into the world of Mini-Gamez is available. There will be a 30-minute quest for your hoppers to collect local “Mini Hopper Coins”. The quest will cost 1 Enj to partake and successful quests grant 1-3 coins.

A new Special Fox Hopper has also been discovered inside the portal. If you are lucky enough, the Fox Hopper will follow you back. Additionally, a Baby Hopper will be birthed for every participant that acquires 25 coins or more during the event.

The event will continue until Sunday, March 15th. The Fox Hoppers, like other Special Hoppers, have only a 100 supply.

Enjin rewards for rankings:
1st – 1000 ENJ (500 paid, 500 to your Hopper account)
2nd – 750 ENJ (250 paid, 500 to Hopper account)
3rd – 500 ENJ (500 to Hopper account)
4th & 5th will each receive 100 ENJ to their Hopper accounts
6th – 10th will each receive 50 ENJ to their Hopper accounts

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