Are you feeling lucky today? Because you should. Kriptomat, a European government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, is ready to give you 100 million blockchain assets. All you have to do is scan a QR code.

Great news for those who love things for free. By scanning QR code on Kriptomat’s Android or IOS app, you’ll receive 100 fungible tokens called Kriptos.

For the uninitiated, Kriptomat is a European government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange. It provides access for 82 countries to 29 cryptocurrencies. What makes it so special is that it is the first exchange in the world to launch a gamified blockchain rewards program. But not the first one to introduce the QR airdrop function (Enjin is the pioneer). Now Kriptomat has unlocked that function on their platform as well.

Take a look at Kriptomat’s video showcasing their mobile wallet (and also the QR code). The QR works only with the Kriptomat app. 

Loyalty Program

If you scan the QR code using Kriptomat’s mobile app, you’ll receive 100 Kriptos. Kriptos acts as a reward point digital currency which allows users to spend them on games and also earn other non-fungible tokens(NFTs). In the Kriptomat’s rewards program, you’ll also be able to transfer your Kriptomat digital assets back to your Enjin wallet and vice-versa.

Kriptomat’s loyalty program, The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat, runs on the Enjin Platform and utilises the ERC-1155 token standard. To understand the program further, head over to the Redeem Discount tab and check out the NFTs you can craft. As you can see, each of the Dragons will require different materials in order to be crafted.

You can obtain materials from the Wheel of Destiny. Now go ahead and spin the Wheel of Destiny (the cost is 100 Kriptos). You will then receive a blockchain asset used for the creation of a certain Dragon.

You can earn Kriptos while trading cryptocurrencies on Kriptomat. They can also be traded between users on the open market and other similar channels. Blockchain crafting materials can also be easily traded once you withdraw them to your Enjin wallet.

Use cases

The fun doesn’t stop there! Kriptomat Dragons can be used in 20 other games, not just on the Kriptomat platform. All Dragons will be usable as pets in Forgotten Artifacts. Dragons combined with a gem from Ether Legends become a forged companion.

The possibilities are indeed endless with ERC-1155 tokens. Kriptomat has taken a step further and showed how to revolutionize customer experience. Kriptomat’s rewards program is the first step for Reewardio by Beyond Horizon to allow other businesses to have their own customized rewards program.

Businesses worldwide will be able to adopt this technology to provide a unique retail experience. A tricky combination of retail and gaming is now possible through the introduction of blockchain assets.

Quoted from Srdjan Mahmutovich, CEO of Kriptomat, “I’m really excited for people to experience how easy it is now to receive powerful blockchain assets via the Kriptomat app. This truly aligns with our mission to make blockchain more accessible for the general public. More than ever, Kriptomat is the best place for people who know nothing about blockchain to experience its full potential and buy cryptocurrencies with zero learning curve. We hope this spills into the wider retail market and is a catalyst to many new users pouring into the blockchain space.”


Adoption for blockchain isn’t the simplest of tasks and it’s certainly difficult to start using it just like that. The world of blockchain gaming allows more users to easily connect with the crypto space. By utilizing blockchain and integrating the concept of gaming into business, it’s becoming a bit more facile to accept the whole concept.

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