Sports have been around for countless centuries and have amassed over 10 billion fans to date. Esports has been increasingly popular over the years and isn’t slowing down. Blockchain games have been around for some years and it is picking up the pace.

If you are into sports and Esports, here is a blockchain gaming platform for you to enjoy your favorite streams while getting involved as well.

What is Rankingball?

Rankingball is a platform where users can play games and watch live sports simultaneously. It provides streams for Major North American sports league such as MLB, NFL, NBA; European sports league such as EPL, LA LIGA; and Esports games such as League of Legends.

Games in Rankingball offer a play-by-play strategy prediction game design, similar to Bingo, which is highly popular in North America and Europe. Basically it quantifies real-time events that occur and reflect them in a scoring system.

Rankingball’s 2020 eSports service is now LIVE. There will be streams for all the upcoming League of Legends (LOL) games so if you are a fan watch out for this space. You will be able to support your favorite teams, interact with other users and also play games.

League of Legends mobile update

Previously, users had to watch League of Legends games and play second screen user games on the website. Rankingball now offers a second screen user game service for League of Legends from Android and IOS applications. This means you can watch and play anywhere as long as you have your phone. However, users might not know how to fully enjoy Rankingball. So, here are 4 tips for you.

Tips to enjoy Rankingball
  1. Join all the hot Rankingball events

Currently, Rankingball holds lots of events. Be sure to fully take advantage of them before they run out.

  • Sign-up Bonus: 1,000 G token. 125 Point
  • Free Event Ticket to play the game on Rankingball Application
  • Pop-up events

2. Real-time stats to aid in your picking

No idea who to pick? Get help from the real-time stats which are updated every match.
The recommendation is to look into Pick % to fill out your entry. You can also most certainly believe in your own gut and analysis and pick in any way you want. There is no limit on how you want to pick. Even after you submit your entry, you can still modify it 5 minutes before the game starts.

3. High possibility to earn rewards

The players you selected for your entry earns points for specific stats. For example, in Basketball, a player can earn points from getting rebounds, assisting and from steals. In Soccer, having the most shots and clean sheets can snag you points. There are a lot of chances for your entry to gain points and lots of opportunities to win prizes.

4. Which contest to join?

There are many contests to participate in but where should you start? If you are not entirely confident about your picks and want to be rewarded with a high chance, start with 50/50 or 30/30. Payouts from 50/50 and 30/30 are distributed equally to the top 50% and 30% respectively.

If you are confident about your picks and want to claim your reward with 50% possibility, go with Head-to-Head. It is a one-on-one contest where the winner takes all.

If you want to compete with more people and earn a higher amount of reward, head over to the Tournaments. Ranking 1st among 20 people can get you as much as 500% of your entry fee.

This is all for this week but there will be more news coming soon. Look out for what is to come in the coming weeks!

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