MetaGods Update on Land Selling Fast and New Partnerships

MetaGods, the up-and-coming 8-bit action MMORPG game, is in the spotlight. Their current LAND sales are going through the roof. No less than 85% have already sold. Furthermore, they just announced two new partnerships. These involve ArcadeLand and PathDAO.

The LAND sales alone secured enough income for a solid financial foundation for the soon-to-launch game. In addition, the new partnerships benefit their community. Let’s take a look at the details of these exciting MetaGods events.

MetaGods Land Sale

The MetaGods LAND sale is exceeding all expectations. Most interesting is to see TradFi investors joining the LAND sales. Furthermore, crypto gaming guilds and launchpads also took part and own LAND. This shows that support and trust in MetaGods are also growing outside the crypto space. A nice and welcome boost to the project’s metaverse economy.

The LAND sales took part in private and public sales. With 85% of LAND already sold, the team and the developers have a good foundation to keep building the game. Moreover, new LAND owners commit to hold their LAND for at least three years.

This highlights how much trust the various LAND owners have in MetaGods. In return, MetaGods is planning various activities. For example, giveaways, campaigns, and competitions. This is their way of returning favors to the community.

LAND Ownership

LAND titles take the form of NFTs. As a result, LAND owners are 100% in charge of their respective LAND plots. LAND owners are also in charge of all Dungeons on their LAND. This is where the main gameplay takes place.

As a LAND owner, you can develop your LAND to your liking. For example: 

  • Collect resources.
  • Build economic or military structures and upgrade them.
  • Upgrade NFTs for efficiency and power.

On the other hand, game guilds can set up their own hoods and economies.


Source: MetaGods website

LAND owners have a few more benefits. Any player who perishes during a battle dungeon in your vault earns you all their loot. In turn, you can sell this loot on the marketplace. Furthermore, being a LAND owner as a part of a guild gives even more benefits. Other guild members can use your facilities and pay accordingly for this. In turn, this can increase the powers of game NFTs. This offers LAND owners a passive income through rents and partnerships.

The Last LAND Plots

LAND will be 100% owned by the players and the MetaGods community. You can buy LAND in 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 plots. Larger plots offer more passive income and rewards. However, hurry, there is not much time left to buy LAND. The last 15% of LAND sells in 10 plots per day. Every single plot goes for 4000 MGOD or 5 BNB.


Source: MetaGods app

Partnership With PathDAO

PathDAO creates value for both players and investors. They always put the community first. One of their strong points is to help Web 2.0 users convert to Web 3.0 players. This is of importance because of the sheer size of Web 2.0 gamers. PathDAO is most successful in its Southeast Asian market. A market that hosts a vast army of Web 2.0 gamers.

Furthermore, PathDAO is one of the guilds that own MetaGods LAND. This forms a great basis for their community to get MetaGods exposure.

Partnership With ArcadeLand

ArcadeLand can give massive exposure to MetaGods. It will be the ultimate gaming metaverse. Currently, they offer over 160 high-quality games. This is a mix of crypto and traditional games. ArcadeLand offers complete game integration. For example:

  • Item sales.
  • NFT minting. 
  • Events and news. 
  • Videos.

What is most exciting is their variety of earning options. This includes, among others:

  • Tournaments and quests. 
  • User-generated content creation. 
  • Land development.
  • Learn to earn.
  • Beta testing.
  • Referral programs. 
  • Operating businesses.
  • Bounties and airdrops.
  • Masternodes and staking.

Plenty of thrilling options indeed. This opens up many potential avenues of revenue. In addition, they offer a state-of-the-art avatar system. Including wearables that you can use in 1,400 games. ArcadeLand is delivering the goods, so you can get the most out of your MetaGods experience.


MetaGods keeps building on launching the game. With their successful LAND sales, they have the financial foundation to keep upgrading and adding more features. In the same vein, their new partnerships add more value for players and investors. This makes MetaGods well worth keeping an eye out for.

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