Meet Mooning Monkey: A New Crash Game With P2E Options

Mooning Monkey recently minted 12,000 NFTs for their revised crash game. This is just one of many steps in rolling out the full game and project. They are publishing updates from their new and improved roadmap as we speak.

Mooning Monkey is a busy bee! So let’s take a more in-depth and detailed look into these updates.

Mooning Monkey Roadmap Jan – Apr 2022 Updates

With no less than 7 different areas with updates, Mooning Monkey has a busy period on its hands. We will take an in-depth look at their new Jan-April 2022 roadmap. A lot has happened, and the team is proud of their achievements.

Various Updates in Social and Promotions

It was busy in the social media field. Their Discord server saw various new partnerships and collaborations. Were you one of the lucky winners of their whitelist spots, NFT giveaways, or cash prizes? They also released a cool 3D video introducing ‘Reveal of the Spaceship‘. However, one of the highlights saw the Thai Mooning Monkey community in action. In Bangkok, the Thai crew made some cool street art graffiti. See the video below.

Furthermore, the team announced some fascinating new partnerships. Also, they onboarded some new strategic advisors.

  • My Mate Nate-On YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, he has 15 million followers. An American living in Thailand who creates content about Thai culture.
  • JNJOY and Space Plus- JNJOY is a marketing company based in Thailand. Space Plus are in China. This allows for a strong foundation in Asia
  • Kyle Chassé-Advisor who has a big following on social media. He has 77,000 followers alone on Twitter and is the founder of Master Ventures.
  • Carl The Moon-Advisor and crypto influencer. Has over 1.5 million followers on social media. Here is that announcement from February.
  • Mr. Beast and Pomp Investments– Two of a few more new investors.

On top of this, discussions with various launchpads started. Exciting times lay ahead of Mooning Monkey! In the meantime, the Mooning Monkey NFT website saw a thorough overhaul. Another interesting addition are improvements to the calculators. See the picture below.

Mooning Monkey NFT calculators

Source: Mooning Monkey calculator page

The team announced two updates in the token field. First, the second version of their tokenomics paper is now available. This easy-to-understand version is available on their GitHub.

6 TAK Token Utilities Added

The team is now going into detail to explain the six main utilities for its TAK token. These are now fully integrated into the code and the tokenomics.

  1. Yield—Earn yield two ways. One way is when the Mooning Monkey NFTs evolve. The other way is with Comic Book pages.
  2. Evolve—You need TAK tokens when you want to evolve your NFTs.
  3. Staking—You can stake TAK, even if you don’t hold any Mooning Monkey NFTs. 
  4. Extra Cashback—When playing, you can earn cashback.
  5. Winning Bonus—Winning bets will earn an extra bonus when gaming.
  6. Bankrolling—Earn extra cash, with minimal risk. For the bankroll program, you need to hold TAK.
The NFT Section

One of the project’s important areas received some final touches. The Comic Book. Book 1: Dark Days achieved the following; Finalization of B&W drafts, lineart layers drafts, and all base color layers.
Three more Comic Books are to follow. You can own single pages. However, if you collect a full book of them, you receive specials rewards and bonuses. Maybe also a special surprise? Here are the other three Comic Books that will be released at a later date.

  • 2: Into the Unknown.
  • 3: The Last Retaliation.
  • 4: The Eternity Spring.

Mooning Monkeys NFTs are generating more positive news too. The team worked together with the famous auditing firm Hacken. They audited the Minting Smart Contract, and they passed the audit. Some more very exciting news is an Initial Node Offering. This will be coming up on the Apollo-X Launchpad Platform.

We already covered the Mooning Monkey NFTs Level 1 Dutch auction. This took place and was successful. The team secured listings on some major NFT marketplaces. As a result, Mooning Monkey NFTs now list on OpenSea, Rarity Sniper, and Rarity Tools. Galactic Gorilla, the final version of 2nd NFT evolution, saw a sneak preview on Discord.

Moning Monkey and Apollo-X

Source: Apollo-X

Gaming: The Crash Game

The exciting crash game had some additions and updates. The multiplayer crypto game is one of the hottest prospects at the moment. Players need to bet against a monkey on a rocket on his way to the moon. 

The platform development saw improvements too. The creation of animations also took a few steps forward. On top of that, game visuals, dashboard, and interface had a sneak preview.

As this new roadmap shows, plenty of work is at hand or already completed. Most importantly, it doesn’t stop here. New developments and releases will keep coming your way. Just to name a few exciting updates for other roadmap milestones include:

  • Release of Mooning Monkey NFT Level 2
  • Listing of Comic Books in OpenSea
  • Launch of the Crash Game.

It’s not always easy to follow roadmaps, too many things can happen or come up. This can easily distract a team. However, Mooning Monkey’s team is doing an impressive job. Their expertise and experience help them to stay on track. One of their strengths is their flexibility. It makes realizing their ambitious roadmap more realistic.

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