Questing on Telegram with Grasshopper Farm

Telegram has been commonly used for communication for blockchain projects and groups. It is one of the best ways to connect with key people, learn more about the project and also look for updates.

As much as most of us love playing games, work and other commitments do take away a lot of time for that. However, for most of us in the crypto space, we try to pop in from time to time on telegram to check for any updates happening.

Grasshopper Farm has created a way to have fun as well as earn and use NFTs on telegram.

A word from the Founder

James McDavid, Founder of Grasshopper Farm said, “Hey there! I wanted to introduce you all to my fun little project, the Grasshopper Farm. We’re a small Enjin project focused on building text-based bots on Telegram. Collect Grasshoppers, send them out on quests for goodies, and soon build and upgrade RTS based assets and structures. I know I’m not the only one that spends a ton of time chatting on Telegram, so why not get some Enjin goodies while you’re there!”

“At its core, the project is a display of the significant power and integration possibilities of Enjin and blockchain. We have the ability to mint and transfer tokens with the click of a button on this messenger platform. How cool is that? Without Enjin API access, we are able to mint and transfer tokens, check your wallet balance for these tokens, and use these tokens to send out on quests for other blockchain assets”

Grasshopper Farm Statistics

  • 106 registered users
  • 3050 Grasshopper rolls and quest completions
  • Peaked at EnjinX 2957 times in the last 2.5 weeks

More Updates

Now that Enjin mainnet release is here, this would allow the project to have much simpler querying of wallet balances, and potentially their own platform. Right now, the short little Valentine’s Day event is about to be wrapped up, and the next couple steps will be focused on RTS element integration into the Telegram bot. This will include the acquisition of Upgrade/Building tokens, things such as Walls, Guard Towers, Research Structures, and Resource structures. These will all be customizable NFTs, that will update based on each unique player’s upgrades to the token.


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