Sports have been around for countless centuries and have amassed over 10 billion fans to date. Esports has been increasingly popular over the years and isn’t slowing down. Blockchain games have been around for some years and it is picking up the pace.

If you are into sports and Esports, RankingBall is a blockchain gaming platform for you to enjoy your favorite streams while getting involved as well. And League of Legends (LOL) is one of the more popular games of the multiplayer online battle arena genre with a dedicated fan following since its release in 2009.

What is RankingBall?

It is a platform where users can play games and watch live sports simultaneously. It provides streams for major North American sports league such as MLB, NFL, NBA; European sports league such as EPL, LA LIGA; and Esports games such as League of Legends.

Games here offer a play-by-play strategy prediction game design, similar to Bingo, which is highly popular in North America and Europe. Basically, it quantifies real-time events that occur and reflect them in a scoring system.

RankingBall’s 2020 eSports service is now LIVE. There will be streams for all the upcoming LOL games. So, if you are a fan watch out for this space. You will be able to support your favorite teams, interact with other users and also participate.

RankingBall app and web

Service features

RankingBall is now offering game app service features on its web. This means users do not need to use the mobile app to enjoy these features.

Currently, its Android and IOS app versions offer second screen game services such as Bingo. These games are associated with top sports and e-sports league like NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and League of Legends.

Additionally, the mobile app had Sweepstakes features. Users were also able to exchange gifts and purchase digital goods using Global Digital Content (GDC) tokens. Now, RankingBall will implement these app game service features to its website as well.

GDC tokens are currently listed on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bithumb Global, Kyber Network, and CoinBene.

Revamp of the web platform

RankingBall’s web service has undergone a revamp and the existing platform will be operated under a changed domain: ( Everything else, however, will continue to function the same.

RankingBall - Aaron's Pick

RankingBall event

Players winning Aaron, an official RankingBall model, on a match between T1 vs KT on Friday (20:00 KST) stand to receive 2,000 GDC on RankingBall with GDC and 5,000 R$ for Raffle.

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RankingBall SNS channels

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