Bounty is Launching. $5000 is Up for Grabs is a loyalty platform that allows businesses to create specialized Enjin Coin reward programs to enhance it.

Kriptomat, a cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, is the first to utilize this reward system. It has paid off greatly. After introducing blockchain power rewards into their ecosystem, Kriptomat has seen a 1700% increase in revenue over a six-month span.

Now, is introducing a service called “ Builder.”

It allows anyone to create their own Enjin-powered rewards system. Let’s enjoy a preview of what’s to come.

November: Bounty

The company will launch a “demo” platform called Bounty in November. It aims to achieve two things. Firstly, this demo will showcase the impact of blockchain rewards on businesses and individuals. Secondly, this platform aims to promote Enjin and Enjin Multiverse. Bounty will have a primary currency called Rio; its first-generation supply will stand at 1,000,000. Rio will be spent on games, items and also discounts within their ecosystem. For those fortunate holders of the Enjin MFT and Dawn MFT, they have been airdropped 100 Rio each.

Enjin Hunt- A $5000 bounty program

$5000 worth of Enjin-backed goodies will be up for grabs to celebrate the launch of Bounty. Once the platform is out, users can use their Rio to spin on the ENJ Hunt wheel to acquire ENJ themed tokens.

There are six ENJ-themed tokens to collect from ENJ HUNT:

  • Consumer Trust (500 Supply)
  • Certified Authenticity (500 Supply)
  • Tangibility (250 Supply)
  • Anti-Inflation (250 Supply)
  • Real-World Value (50 Supply)
  • Asset Scarcity (50 Supply)

Once a user has acquired all 6 pieces, they can use them to craft an ENJ ingot backed by 1000ENJ each. There will be only 50 ingots for crafting and 1600 crafting materials available.

For those who do not qualify for the Rio airdrop and want to participate in this bounty no fret. You can purchase Rio on the Enjin Marketplace and stock up on them before Bounty gets released.

Partners and collaborations

Here is what Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of, has to say of the collaboration with Altcoin Buzz:
“We’re very excited about partnering with Altcoin Buzz. We deeply appreciate the team’s focus on tangible adoption and real development, their well-researched perspective is a service to the crypto community. In that spirit, it’s an honor for us to be working with them to create an Altcoin Buzz NFT. It will be playable in blockchain games and will also provide discounts on multiple blockchain-powered platforms. It’s going to be a true testament to the interoperability of blockchain assets. It will have a utility that is not possible to achieve with centralized virtual items. We can’t wait to show everyone what it can do.”

2020 Q1: Multiverse Integration

Currently, reward distributing is all manual on Bounty and it can be a tedious and slow process. It can take weeks for winners to be verified or prizes to be sent out.

The platform is working to implement a quest system where users will be instantly rewarded with their prize once the system tracks its completion. Additionally, this system will also enable quest lines to be integrated into real games.

Forgotten Artifacts will be the first to test this system. This is how it will be carried out.

  • Link your account to Forgotten Artifacts.
  • Spend your currencies in Forgotten Artifacts to play “Reward Rounds”.
  • Collect inventory through Forgotten Artifacts.
  • Use your centralized inventory within Forgotten Artifacts.’s SDK(REST API) makes this integration possible. It allows its network to communicate fluently with external platforms. Furthermore, this easy to use SDK allows any project to sync their ecosystem with other projects’ ecosystem through

This allows Enjin adopters to be easily connected with one another and also an excellent way for promotion. Players/users will just need to use one platform( to track and manage their progress throughout the whole Enjin Ecosystem.

2020 Q2: Builder

The Builder will be a self-serve rewards CMS (Content Management System) that anyone can use to create their own platform.


The company is also creating the simplest of minting services for people to create their own blockchain rewards. Users will not even need to get any ETH of ENJ as handles the whole process for them. This template shows you how easy it is to create a reward.

WordPress Extension is designing an extension that seamlessly embeds into WordPress to reach out to 75million websites. This extension will automatically reward people for their in-site actions and purchases. Additionally, there will be widgets that showcase reward, quest, and inventory data in web pages and on navigation bars.

Shout out from Simon

When I look back at our chats, It’s easy to find many conversations that have preceded the direction we have followed. Whether our choices at were consciously or subconsciously influenced by your feedback, I’d just like to say how much we appreciate the inspiration you provide.

Thanks for all your support guys!

P.s. If you’re loving this Telegram/Desktop wallpaper ^ here it is.

Let’s make some magic.


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