Rhovit is a reward-based content platform. Think of it as something like YouTube or Twitch with cryptocurrency involved.

Rhovit has been in beta for more than half a year and there are some big updates happening. Their Rbit Shop is their recent release with multiple games already listing their items there. Their shop not only sells NFTs and FTs but merchandise and digital goods too.

Rhovit is proud to announce that their Founders Token Sale is here and sold in their shop. The sale will begin on December 19, 9pm PST. There is a 2 for 1 special for the first 24 hrs, which will include the 50% discount. The 1st 100 Founders Token will have a 50% discount and subsequent ones will enjoy a 30% discount until January 1st.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one, joining the hotlist will grant you 2 Hours of exclusive Access. You can join the Hotlist by logging into Rhovit, going to the Rbit Shop and clicking on the Founders Token.

List of benefits of the Rhoam Founders Token
  1. Access to Alpha phase of RHOAM Lifetime 10% bonus on digital asset treasure
  2. Exclusive collectable story cards from RHOAM
  3. Initial Avatars created by partner companies will only be available to win through the Alpha phase of RHOAM. All Alpha testers must have a Founders Token to be able to access the Alpha phase and win the Partners avatars.
  4. 5% of the Genesis sale will exclusively go back into the Alpha phase for players to win
  5. All pre-sales will go through the Rbit Shop and have a 30% discount up to Christmas Day
  6. 3% referral fee for all users, which will be paid in USD


Rhoam is a game on the Rhovit platform which allows users to earn game assets just by supporting the platform. With the Erc-1155 contract now live on Rhovit, it gives them more ways to reward their users. YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users and Rhovit aims to capture just half a percent of that for a start. That is still a massive 1 million users. Keep your eyes on Rhovit and Rhoam as there will be many exciting things to come.

There is also a giveaway happening which you can win a Rhoam Founders Token. Check out this tweet to find out more.





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