Axie Infinity Land Alpha

There’s always something brewing at Axie Infinity. For example, they are currently updating their roadmap. This brings some exciting new features and developments to the table, and Land gameplay is one of them. 

The odd thing about Axie Land is that you can make lots of money with it. However, it doesn’t have a real use case yet. That is about to change now. In this article, you will discover more about this new milestone.

What Is Axie Land Gameplay Alpha About?

The pioneers in P2E games have their land Alpha launch planned. However, we don’t know exactly when. Most likely, this will be in the second half of 2022. What we do know, is that after the Alpha version, Axie Infinity will release the full version. In the meantime, landowners could trade their land NFTs. Some of them changed hands in million dollar deals over the years. 

Nonetheless, there are already plenty of specific details known. These are precisely what we will be looking at:

  1. The name of the land game is most likely ‘Age of Pioneers’.
  2. The Land game will see 3D Axies. This is part of the reason that the Land game release got delayed. Changing all Axies into 3D takes time! See the 3D video teaser above. 
  3. Only Axie landowners can play. In case you don’t own Axie land yet, there’s still time to buy some.
  4. Landowners can have off-chain Pawn Axies. This has landowners do tasks allocated to their land. 
  5. Land location will start playing a role when trading assets. Look out for a delivery system that is distance-based. Trading in your hood will be fast. In contrast, long-distance trades may take time. Rarity depends on location.
  6. The team may incorporate AXS as a means to sell crafted materials to NPCs.
  7. Axies are not battling, but instead NPCs battle instead of you. This may sound boring. However, the team assures that it is still competitive. For instance, you can give resources to your NCPs. More resources mean that they move up in the battle leaderboard.
  8. Landowners can at a later stage build all kinds of properties on their land. In addition, owners can upgrade and elevate these.
  9. During the alpha phase of the land game, Sky Mavis will not use AXS or SLP
  10. The Alpha game is only available as a desktop version. Players lucky enough to take part can use this to send feedback to Sky Mavis.

Axie gameplay land

Source: Axie white paper

Three Phases of Axie Infinity Land Play

According to the white paper, there will be three different land phases. Each phase in the Axie metaverse gives priority to a different feature.

  1. Phase 1Simulation and land management. For example, building, trading, or production.
  2. Phase 2Gameplay with added elements. For instance, jobs or social activities.
  3. Phase 3Strategic group gameplay. Think of conquests, battles, or defending.

It’s great to see that Axie Infinity is, at last, starting land gameplay. The Alpha version promises many exciting new additions. There will be some restrictions in the Alpha version. However, this is not the definite version. This is most certainly something to look forward to.

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