The Six Dragons: Never Seen Before Blockchain Crafting

Blockchain gaming is still young. However, there have been many innovative and interesting developments in this space.

The concept of blockchain gaming has been perceived by many as being able to loot blockchain assets or to use them within the game. Now, The Six Dragons (TSD) has added a whole new dimension of blockchain gaming.

In an open world concept, having an in-game economy is something that makes a game so much more appealing. The Six Dragons might have just cracked the doors open to perfect the “Skyrim” experience on Blockchain.


The Six Dragons has progressed greatly since the Games Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 in San Francisco. Significant gameplay additions were added and blockchain integration on the Ethereum mainnet using the Enjin platform was finalized. The blockchain wallet has become a real-life inventory as well and this gave the opportunity for unique item creation in-game.

A quote from Savvas Lazopoulos, creator of The Six Dragons, ”Integrating decentralized gaming assets in The Six Dragons was not a decision based on the blockchain hype or a short-term monetization opportunity. It was a statement. “

Reason 1: Real-time crafting 

Crafting is an amazing feature that most Role-Playing Games have. Players will have to obtain the required materials in order to fulfill the requirements of a recipe. This opens up more player types in-game and also creates an in-game economy. In the context of blockchain gaming, this becomes even more attractive to players as selling items actually means earning real money.

The recipes and some materials needed to complete it are blockchain items in TSD. In order to craft an item, players will have to head to a correspondent station in the nearest village. From there, the game scans your inventory for the necessary items to craft.

The player then accepts the request for crafting on their Enjin wallet and the materials get sent to the game. Afterwhich, the crafted item appears in the player’s inventory with a unique ID and one supply.

TSD is the first blockchain game to successfully implement this feature. Every crafted item is unique. This means each of them has different stats to it that are randomly assigned. Hence, it becomes very addictive and fun.

Adding on, another feature for TSD’s crafting is that the crafted item will carry the name of its creator in the token metadata. This allows other players to find specific counterparts if they want to craft an item. Speaking of which, this also opens up the crafter role, which can be very lucrative and important.

Reason 2: Real-time enchanting

The fun doesn’t stop there. Another important aspect of RPGs is to upgrade your equipment. TSD has come up with blockchain enchanting to level up and infuse elements into your items. Enchantment scrolls are also blockchain items which means the game will scan your inventory for it. Enchantment mechanics are harder to understand and items can get destroyed from a failed enchant. You can learn more about it here.

Reason 3: Transparency, security & performance

Using blockchain creates a totally transparent game economy as all items created are trackable on it. Thus, you can’t cheat. Items such as recipe materials and scrolls will also be melted (destroyed) on a daily basis. This provides balance to the game economy. And maintains the scarcity of the items.

Quoted from Savaas,” For those that might be concerned about the performance of this process, our tests showed that the crafting and enchanting process last on average 90 seconds for the transfers to be fully complete, but of course, this is contingent on the Ethereum network condition at the time. All the game mechanisms have been designed around Efinity, and all the blockchain interactions are expected to be dramatically faster once it is launched. It was our utmost priority to honor our commitment to the community for a Q4 2019 release so we made the necessary adjustments to start the alpha testing even before the Efinity release.”

Reason 4: Exclusive reveal

In the future, enchanting an item will allow a player to personally back Enjin into it as well. Enchanting right now only improves the stats of an item. However, with this update, gamers will have the ability to inject additional value into their items according to their preference.

This provides a new matrix into the value of items as players have to consider the Enjin backing as well as the stats of an item. It will be interesting to see how players utilize this function. Besides, this creates a new level of merchanting as well.

It does bring about other thoughts as well and whether blockchain assets can be considered a store of value in the future. Imagine enchanting an item to the max level and backing it by a generous amount of Enjin. No matter, there is going to be a demand for it in-game or in the markets. It is still early to say but it will be fun to watch in the future.

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