Top 4 P2E Gaming Guilds

Do you know which new, the emerging game will become the next Axie Infinity? If not, one of the best ways to know is through gaming guilds. Guilds let new players, without the upfront money for in-game assets, rent or earn those assets through rental and scholarship programs.

And many guilds themselves present great investment opportunities. Take a look at Yield Guild Games (YGG). In just a month the token YGG soared by over 500%. But which guild should you get in? We know you loved the first video. Therefore, in this article, you will discover 4 more Gaming Guilds in this second part. But, let’s first remember some basic concepts:

What is a Gaming Guild?

A guild is a group of people that plays a game together. They share in the profits and in-game assets they earn from winning battles or completing a quest. We believe they are a great way to get into gaming investments even if you are not a gamer yourself.

In part 1, we looked at 5 guilds with global access that play many different games. But just like in part 1, in this video, we show you how entire virtual economies are sprouting up around guilds.

Each gaming guild acts like its own investment fund with assets spread out over different games all managed through a DAO. Now to check out 4 more.

1. AAG

AAG stands for ‘a chip and a chair’ guild. That means that as long as you have a seat at the table, you have a chance to win. AAG is the fastest growing guild in P2E gaming and has the 2nd most Axie scholars at over 2000.

They currently support 5 games:

  1. Axie
  2. Thetan Arena
  3. Illuvium
  4. Star Atlas
  5. And The Sandbox

That’s more games than the typical guild, especially for a newer one like AAG is. Also, their business model is based on 4 pillars for success: 

  • Play to Earn
  • The AAG Guild
  • Learn to Earn
  • And their AAG Foundation

Another interesting thing about AAG is their wallet. They developed an integrated wallet that supports every P2E game. That includes being able to swap between games, on exchanges like Kucoin, or even for stablecoins and fiat. All from one wallet.

Investors & Partners & Tokenomics

Backers include lots of firms like Shima Capital, viaBTC Capital, Harmony, Labs, among others. Also, their partners include the 5 games, Lossless, RentmyNFT, and LoginID among others.

On the other hand,  AAG just finished their IDO token launch of 27.5 million tokens on Copper Launch. Therefore, between the IDO, liquidity, and ecosystem/community, ~47% of the total supply of AAG is available to the public.

The plan is to issue all 1 billion tokens of their total supply within 4 years. This is one of the fastest emission rates we’ve seen and something to take note of. But one good thing to note is each group whether Team or Advisors has both lockup periods and vesting schedules. This helps protect investors like us from a huge dump of tokens into the market.

2. Rainmaker Games

The goal of Rainmaker Games is not just to be an ordinary guild. They want to be a portal to the whole P2E ecosystem by connecting gamers, guilds, and games. All in one place. They have a game launchpad too.

Rainmaker Games p2e games guild


Rainmaker lets everyone start for free and eventually become guild-verified once they advance and buy some in-game assets as NFTs. This guild-verification works both ways in that not only can a player make himself eligible to join a guild, but guilds use this feature to search for experienced players to invite to join too. 

Also, it’s interesting to note that they started as only a guild and then evolved into this P2E ecosystem offering they have now. Also, users can play, earn or hold $RAIN to make money, and using their $RAIN token allows players to earn bonuses and higher payouts.

Investors, Partners & Tokenomics

Backers and partners include fellow guilds like Merit Circle, game experts Animoca Brands, Coinfund, Polygon, and Warburg Serres, among others. Also, they recently raised $6.5 million from Alameda Research and some of the other backers on this list. They got 4% of all tokens (40 million $RAIN tokens).

Moreover, on December 20th, Rainmaker completed a 3-day auction on Copper Launch raising $20.75 million. This is one of the biggest raises on the new token launch platform that specializes in declining prices over time to price out bots and frontrunners. 

On the other hand, did you know that Rainmaker sold 25.6 million $RAIN tokens on Copper Launch? So if you are keeping track, that’s 65 million tokens sold between the private fundraise and the public one on Copper. The total supply of $RAIN tokens is 1 billion between community, ecosystem, and incentives, ~60% of the tokens are available to the public. The insider portion has vesting and lockup schedules, which we like to see from transparent projects.

Nowadays, all 1 billion $RAIN tokens have been minted, which current price is $0.34. You can buy $RAIN is available on MEXC Global, Huobi, BKEX, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap.

3. Meta Brands

Meta Brands is trying to build out a metaverse and connect metaverses too. They are both a guild and a P2E Ecosystem play. According to their whitepaper, the platform has a special type of NFT called Relics and these relics earn 80% of the monthly revenue from NFT sales the platform generates. 

metabrands p2e guilds

Source: Meta Brands

Then, 10% goes to the Resource DAO and the other 10% gets burned. The Relic NFTs allow access to different events and parts of the metaverse from other players giving them a unique and exclusive experience.

Moreover, MetaBrands has a unique model for their Axie scholarships too. They have 2 models where one pays 40% to the scholar and the other pays 50%. And of course, the DAO gets its share. But the unique feature of both models is that the remaining revenue is kept and then airdropped as their MAGE utility token to all other players.

Therefore, this mechanism helps keep initial costs low for new scholars and is a good incentive for the community to support them. One other interesting difference Meta Brands brings is double-sided staking contracts available on both Ethereum and Avalanche.

Investors, Partners & Tokenomics 

Meta Brands Venture arm has investments in 3 games: Axie, Outer Ring, and Totem. Also, their partners include Trustpad, DuckDAO, DeltaHub Capital, among others.

According to their token distribution mechanismthe total supply is 100 million $MAGE tokens but the maximum available supply is 97.7 million as 2 million coins have been burned already.

Between community, treasury, and liquidity mining, where approx 57% of the total supply is available to the public. Also, Meta Brands has detailed vesting schedules on their Tokenomics page for various groups including a 3-year lock on community rewards.

Finally, the $MAGE circulating supply is a little over 11.2 million with a price at $0.14 with a market cap of $1.6 million. You can buy $MAGE on Uniswap (V2) and Pangolin

4. GuildFi

GuildFi is more than a classic guild that backs 2 games: Axie and Cyball. They, like Rainmaker and AAG, are trying to build out an ecosystem for P2E not only to run a successful guild. GuildFi is based in Thailand and is Thailand’s largest scholarship provider, working to build the Yield Guild Games (YGG) of Thailand like YGG is in the Philippines.

guildfi p2e games guild

Source: GuildFi

One really interesting difference in GuildFi is they have their BYO or Guild-as-a-service service. This means investor groups who are interested can build their guilds separate from GuildFi but then connect to GuildFi’s network.

Their GuildFi ID acts like a metaverse passport that you can take and use across the GuildFi ecosystem. Also, you can stake on GuildFi and earn up to 450% APY. There’s currently $45 million in staked value on GuildFi.

Investors, Partners & Tokenomics

Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, and Animoca Brands are backing this project. Also, GuildFi0s native token, $GF, has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, ~40% of which are available to the public as part of the Ecosystem. The emission schedule grows exponentially over the next 60 months until all tokens are in the market. Moreover, they have vesting schedules and lockup periods.

The circulating supply is 43.2 million and the market cap is just over $100 million. At the time of writing the article, the price of $GF is $1.57. Finally, you can buy GF on Uniswap (V3), MEXC Global, OKX, BKEX, and Injective Pro.

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