Dark Country is giving away NFTs

Dark Country is making its first NFT-drop into WAX blockchain and will cover all 460000+ WAX blockchain accounts. We were delighted to have an exclusive chat with Tony Iumaiev, Head of Marketing of Dark Country. Tony shared with us more about this event.

Dark Country is an American Gothic card game that will have a public beta release in Q2 2020. This card game supports Ethereum, EOS, TRX, WAX, and other networks.

Q. What is the reason for using WAX for the airdrop?
Tony: Two main purposes of Dark Country NFT drop are to grow the knowledge about NFT power as well as to spread the word about our project. 

First of all, we have chosen WAX because of the fact that the main WAX blockchain audience are gamers. They came from the opskins.com and know a very little about NFT’s compared with any other blockchain users.

The second reason why we chose WAX is the relative ease of implementation. This is the ideal test ground for such activities. Making this on the Ethereum network would be much more complicated and time and budget consuming.

Q. How long will the airdrop last?
Tony: We have started our NFT-drop on Friday, 13 March 2020 and delivered NFTs for 10000 first WAX users. From Sunday, 15 March 2020 we launched a massive drop for all 460000+ WAX accounts and expect to finish it till Wednesday.

Q. What are your thoughts on the NFT ecosystem now and how big do you think the NFT market can be in the future?

Tony: From my point of view, I could say that the NFT standard has a great and bright future.

For now, things are such that in-game items are “rented” to players. They make purchases, but instead of ownership they gotta rent without fixed tenure. The game owner can easily make any restrictions on bought item usage or even delete it. And there was no alternative before NFTs. 

And with NFTs we have huge possibilities. First of all – ownership. In-game items become more tangible and independent.

Now we can “grow” and “develop” our in-game items. With the right approach, every NFT can have its statistics, gather its unique data and grow its value for collections and usage.

But the point is when it could become massive. Big companies want to keep the status quo. So our first priority as NFT pioneers is to give gamers quality game products with the NFT usage to show that there is an alternative with the bigger possibilities. 

Q. Are you able to provide any sneak peeks or details regarding the NFT item?

Tony: Sure. We are dropping now 9 various “Virgin” NFTs with the different drop probabilities. For now, users will have them on their WAX accounts and can hold them or trade on the wax market.

But in the near future, there will be more opportunities to use it. When our Dark Country shamans will prepare the altar, Virgin might be sacrificed to the Native’s demons in the hope of receiving a valuable Dark Country item. Or she could be pardoned and used in the game. Only dark spirits know what will be more beneficial.

Q. Will there be more NFT drops in the future?
Tony: It depends on the need we have. Cause we don’t want to make an NFT-drop only for NFT-drop, without any purpose and possible usage. Because game balance can be disturbed or it won’t be any use case, so there won’t be any interest from the user side.

First of all, we need to show the power of NFT with all NFTs we have now. Cause probably this is the biggest airdrop ever done before.

Closing Notes
You will need to have WAX blockchain account to get the free NFT. More details about the Virgin NFT usage will be released once the altar is ready.

Dark Country
Interview with Dark Country

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