ShardTalk: Interview with Han from NPLUS Entertainment

In this episode of ShardTalk, we interviewed Han, the head of growth strategy at NPLUS Entertainment Pte. Ltd.

ShardTalk is the gaming interview segment that connects our readers to people who are shaping the blockchain gaming space. This episode features a talk with NPLUS Entertainment about their upcoming MMO strategy game. So, let’s begin!

Name: League of Kingdoms
Genre: MMO strategy
Quick Info: Game launch in May. Clash of Clans on blockchain.

Q1: What was the inspiration behind League of Kingdoms?

We, at NPLUS Entertainment, wondered what makes decentralized gaming unique and intriguing. We came to realize that ‘economy’ and ‘user-empowerment’ are the core. At the same time, we reckoned that it could be too early for a game to be fully decentralized as it takes time and resources for the general public to build a game on their own.

For example, it required years for the creator ecosystem (video editing tools, platform literacy, etc) to ripen before significant traction of user-generated videos on YouTube to take off. With adoption still low and barriers to entry high, we concluded that blockchain game, despite its massive potential, still needs the touch of professionals. So, we went a lookout for a genre that best leverage the core blockchain values (economy & user involvement) and our team’s expertise in building core games, the MMO strategy game.

League of Kingdoms, as the first MMO strategy game with full blockchain features, will wed strong NFT economy and self-sovereign governance to provide truly engaging gameplay.

Q: Could you share with us more about what LAND does?

Our LANDs will be fully interoperable non-fungible real estate. The LANDs have intrinsic development levels (D-Level) and it will increase as more kingdoms prosper on the LANDs. The higher the level of the LANDS, the more profits the owner can receive and higher values that you can sell the LAND on the NFT marketplaces like the Open.sea.  

Q: Will you like to share with us some of the special features of League of Kingdoms?

There are a ton, but to pick a few, I would say MMO gameplay, NFTs, and governance system are the unique features.

  1. High-quality MMO gameplay has been hard to come by on the blockchain game scene due to many limitations of the technology. We aim to bring an engaging gameplay that can compete head-to-head with even the top tier AAA games into the blockchain.
  2. NFTs will unlock massive opportunities in the game economy. Gamers will be able to own the LANDs and make profits by developing, renting, trading, etc.
  3. Our governance system empowers users to influence the development of the game. Gamers can voice their ideas and elect their favorite leaders. The elected leaders will announce their campaign promises on smart contracts and have them executed transparently.
Q: When can we expect League of Kingdoms to be released?

We will start our pre-registration this week and launch the game within May. On our pre-registration, you can get $30 of game item airdrop at launch. 

Q: Are there any sneak peeks you will be able to share with us?

For sure, please check out our website that went live.  

Q: Will League of Kingdoms be available on both mobile and PC?

Yes, for Android, App Store (iOS), and PC web.

Q: Is there anything else you will like to share with our readers?

At NPLUS Entertainment, we envision building a self-sovereign game ecosystem that gamers co-own with the developer. Also, we believe this to be an incredible opportunity to carry out different economic, political, and social experiments with much fewer risks and higher flexibility than real society. One such experiment will be the universal basic income (UBI) and blockchain voting. Please join us on the journey to reshape the future of the gaming industry.

League of Kingdoms

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