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In this 2nd piece of ShardTalk, we are super pleased to have Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of Beyond Horizon to share some insights with us.

Platform: Beyond Horizon
Genre: Social network for crypto
Quick Info: A super interesting and innovative project which aims to help businesses through the most comprehension gamification programs the world will ever see.

The Interview

Q: Please elaborate a bit on what Beyond Horizon does?
: We are essentially a blockchain-based development company on a mission to create the first blockchain-powered killer app. We are exclusively adopting the Enjin Platform and the Ethereum Network to create and integrate ERC-1155 blockchain assets into our projects. There are many blockchain use cases we are interested in investigating, like reward programs, ticketing, and authenticity tokens, however, the use case with the furthest reach, easiest development, and highest potential for profit is blockchain-based reward programs so that’s what we’re working on first.

Q: What are some of the features in your apps that other industries (outside blockchain tech) can make use of?
The first project we are rolling out is called Reewardio and it’s already halfway through development. It’s a reward platform that customer-facing businesses can use to create the most robust reward experience their customers have ever seen. Users will be able to earn blockchain-based reward points through metrics set by the business owner, they will then spend their rewards points to play games and earn blockchain-based crafting ingredients, they will then use those ingredients to craft collectibles that have discounts attached to them, and finally the user will be able to spend that discount to earn more reward points.

Q: How can organisations use your platform to enhance their business?
Customer acquisition costs businesses 7x more than customer retention. We have specifically designed Reewardio to motivate loyalty, build community, and encourage advocacy, all of which are aspects of the business that most companies don’t have a plan for, let alone the resources to create an effective solution. We have the vision and the resources and we intend to democratize our innovations by sharing them with the businesses who need them most.

Q: When do you think your platform will be ready for use?
: We are building Reewardio in a few phases. The first phase is to create the Kriptomat Rewards Program which will act as a template that we can then provide to other businesses, this should be launched within the next month. The second phase is to launch a self-serve web-wizard that business owners and marketers can use to create their own blockchain-based rewards programs. They will be able to mint assets, link discounts, customize the look and feel of their web app to suit their brand, this will probably take a few months to polish off, we’ll see. The final phase will be to build a bunch of extensions that make this rewards platform easy to integrate into platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc…

Q: You mentioned about creating an Enjin-powered gamification system, please share more about this?
: Yes, so, this rewards platform will feature robust gamification, involving collecting, trading, and crafting. But we are taking it to a whole new level and integrating real games into the platform. At first, we will launch with a very simple spinning wheel that will deliver assets in a fun and thrilling way, but moving forward, customers will be able to play real games and win assets through those games. We will create some of those games ourselves, mainly very simple mobile games, but there is a lot of scopes for us to work with the game developers who are adopting Enjin as well, they are all very forward-thinking and there is great synergy in our collective mission so I’m very excited to see some of the partnerships we can form.

Q: You also mentioned about developing two incredibly exciting enterprise products, can you share any details on it?
: The first enterprise product is Reewardio, I believe this will be a very effective onboarding tool for Enjin and Ethereum adoption. The second enterprise product is the MintPortal, which is already the easiest way to mint ERC-1155 tokens in the world. It ties into the public version of the Enjin Platform which is currently live on Kovan Testnet, but once that is released on Ethereum Mainnet, anybody and everybody will be able to use it to create their own ERC-1155 tokens, live on Ethereum.

However, minting tokens is just one half of the equation, the other half of the equation is giving these tokens real utility and that’s what we specialize in. So, as our business grows, we intend on building widgets and extensions that serve multiple use cases and we will make them available through Enterprise adopters will be able to use this platform to create their own tokens and implement them into their existing business models with very little friction.

Q: You have a very cool name for your founder’s token (The Dawn) it seems that there might be something going on. Will there be other tokens created by Beyond Horizon that might be used or be in a set with the Dawn?
: Thank you! To be honest, The Dawn is probably the only token we will create for Beyond Horizon, it is essentially a membership token that allows us to keep track of our earliest supporters, the ones that were here to watch The Dawn of Beyond Horizon. I do think we will integrate the Kriptomat Rewards program into the Beyond Horizon website and I also think we will create some kind of reward program or tokenized use cases around Reewardio and the MintPortal.

We have a lot going on, so we have to focus our strategy around cohesive objectives. For now, we really want to build a creative and thought-provoking community around Beyond Horizon because we see how collective consciousness shaped the Enjin movement in such a positive way. Once we launch Reewardio, our focus will be to attract clients and build partnerships for the platform, this will also be our time to generate revenue that we can reinvest in other use cases. Most of those use cases will revolve around the MintPortal platform and each product or extension we create for that will have its own marketing drive. Which is why, when it comes down to it, most tokenization and promotion will be based around Reewardio and MintPortal.

Q: For those who missed the FT drop will there be opportunities to get in onto the action as well?
: The initial giveaway only went for a week, so there are 300 tokens left over. We will definitely find some interesting ways to distribute the rest of the tokens. I’m glad we have so many to play with. There are a few months to go before the full release of Reewardio so we may as well have some fun while we wait.

A very detailed interview on Beyond Horizon and we are grateful for Simon to be able to share with us more about what Beyond Horizon is trying to achieve. Check out this new update for Beyond Horizon as well!

This concludes our 2nd episode for ShardTalk and stay tuned for more up and interviews with the movers and shakers of Blockchain Gaming!

Beyond Horizon: Website, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook


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