Blocklords Partners with Maker to Giveaway DAI

Maker has granted a generous pool of DAI stablecoins to Blocklords for their current initiative. Blocklords is using this fund to incentivize players to connect with the blockchain gaming industry. 

Blocklords is a free to play medieval grand strategy game that has been refined over the last 2 years. The game has been successfully launched on Matic Mainnet and is hosting its first title event. With this sponsored initiative by Maker, players can now earn DAI while playing Blocklords.

Wallet Bonus

Anyone can start playing Blocklords for free. All you have to do is to register an account and get a hero. However, in order to start earning crypto, players have to get an Ethereum wallet and connect it to their Blocklords account. The recommend wallet will be the Metamask browser extension where you can easily access Blocklords from most browsers.

There is also a limited-time event for players to earn more than 25 DAI by connecting their wallets. In order to qualify, any player with two active heroes that connects their wallet to Blocklords will be eligible for this reward.


Blocklords will be releasing a title system powered by Chainlink VRF very soon. This allows players to earn crypto rewards based on their equipped title. Maker and Seascape, the studio behind Blocklords, will each be sponsoring 500 DAI in this first title event. This amount will be shared between all connected accounts with the equipped Maker fighter title. More information will be released once this feature is finalized.

Maker Heroes

Limited edition Maker Heroes have been minted as NFTs to celebrate this partnership. Each of these NFT differs in quality and traits. You can grab one of these through community events or auction on Opensea.

Players will also be able to purchase new heroes and resources with DAI in the future. Blocklords are planning to have special in-game bonuses for players who pay with DAI. More details will be released soon.


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