Crypto Warriorz partners with Hdac Technology

The world’s first mining blockchain RPG, Crypto Warriorz joins forces with an internet of things (IoT) contract platform based on blockchain, Hdac Technology.

Crypto Warriorz is a 3D mining RPG blockchain game with co-op and world creation features. It is available on both Android and iOS and players can mine CZ token using pickaxes in the in-game mines. Crypto Warriorz is currently in beta with over 5,000 users globally. Most of their players, however, come from Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the United States.

Crypto Warriorz is extremely upbeat about attracting players from more countries and regions. Their upcoming official launch will include weapon and character costumes, random item boxes, a third playable dungeon, and one-vs-one mining battles. 

Hdac Technology

Hdac Technology configures its unique platform networks for all types of users to combat privacy challenges facing IoT. The Hdac platform is thus configured as a hidden network to combat hacks, privacy invasions, and external attacks.

The partnership aims to explore the different avenues of business and technological collaborations. One of the collaborations is implementing HDAC coin into the Crypto Warriorz. Another of their partnership features is Crypto Warriorz utilizing Hdac’s technology for the development of its novel battle mining system.

Matic Network

There are NFTs within Crypto Warriorz which enhances the performance of mining in-game. Matic Network powers Crypto Warriorz’s in-game NFT trading system using its high-performance scalability solution. This allows trading to be as smooth as possible for players.

Game Info

Players start as one of two playable classes which are the Knight or DualSword. There are currently a few dungeons available which have an entry limit of 5 times a day.

There are 2 types of mines which are private mine and guild mine. Private mines are exclusive to each player while guild mines can only be mined with other guild members from 8 pm-10 pm Korean time.

Overall, Crypto Warriorz is easy to play and understand and their graphics are fairly decent. It is free-to-play and mining is free as well. Every user starts with some amount of CZ tokens. As you continue to play, you can decide on what you want to spend the tokens on. Head over to the auction from time to time to check for amazing deals. For now, there isn’t much to do but the game has a lot of potentials as they release more content.

You can download the Crypto Warriorz beta version from their website.

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