An interview about Gods Unchained

Immutable has obtained $15 million in funding in a financial round led by one of the biggest names in gaming. Naspers, the biggest shareholder in Tencent, and Galaxy Digital paved the way in this round of fundraising. Apex Capital and others joined in.

Here comes the Gods Unchained. Before we go on, let’s take a look at some questions and answers the Immutable team has prepared.


Q1: What are you going to do with the money?

We’re planning to pour it into the development and marketing for Gods Unchained and the Immutable Platform.

Q2: What is Gods Unchained?

Go home, son.

Q3: What’s the Immutable Platform?

It’s essentially an operating system for decentralized applications (dapps). We’ll be allowing third-party developers to utilize the technology we’re creating to power our own games while offering an array of applications to provide a “noob-proof” experience for users to jump in and interact with this new digital asset class.

Q4: Do you sell magical internet cards?

WE DO!! Surprising you’ve asked. I thought I would have to put a CTA to pick up some cards at the end of this letter… Our Genesis Sale, featuring exclusive first edition cards is only live until October 29th. After this date, we won’t produce anymore, their stats will be locked and they will become tradable. If you want to own some of this exclusive set, the only way is to buy cards now from or try and buy them off another player later.


We can all be sure that a big chunk of cash they raise will be put to good use in game development and marketing. Now, let’s go into the juicy details on Immutable and their precious first-child, Gods Unchained.

  • Gods Unchained sold over 5 million cards;
  • The most expensive card auctioned on Gods Unchained was Hyperion for $62,000;
  • Immutable was formerly known as Fuel Games;
  • Gods Unchained is currently the most popular blockchain TCG in the world;
  • Immutable is creating a more scalable, cost-effective ways of generating non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum network;
  • The Immutable team is star-filled with leaders who were formerly from Riot, EA, Ubisoft and also Chris Clay, former game director of Magic the Gathering;
  • Lots of ways to earn money in this F2p game;
  • God’s Unchained overtook other mainstream TCGs like Artifact, Faeria, and Kards.

Gods Unchained has shown that blockchain gaming has huge traction and will continue to grow. With a world championship prize pool of over $450k, you know that things are about to heat up. Gods Unchained is constantly pushing out weekly updates and everything is looking awesome for the official launch. There is still time to get your hands on some limited edition genesis cards so be sure to check out their store.


Additional information on Gods Unchained

Check out the interview with Tyler Perkins, VP marketing of Immutable.


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