it only take $10 to make your own cryptocurrency

What would you do if you had $10 to spare? Treat yourself to a good meal? Catch a movie? Or just save the extra cash? What if I told you that with $10 you could make your very own cryptocurrency! 

Beyond Horizon, a social network platform for cryptocurrencies has announced its global minting service on Fivver as well as their platform. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration in creating a cryptocurrency. However, with this new minting service, all anyone needs to provide are these 5 pieces of information:

  • The name of the token
  • Token description
  • Image/logo of the token
  • Token supply
  • Delivery address

Surprised at how simple it is? Beyond Horizon believes that blockchain is for everyone and entry into the crypto space should be as easy as possible. In other words, anyone will be able to create their own tokens without any prior knowledge of blockchain or crypto.

One of the objectives of Beyond Horizon is for people to have a positive experience with crypto and their minting service provides a bridge for anyone to connect to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Everyone should download the Enjin wallet if you haven’t done so as all tokens will take the ERC1155 token standard during minting. Some of you might be wondering, what is the purpose of creating a cryptocurrency or why should I bother making one? Cryptocurrencies are used in many fun ways and Enjin provides users with a mint portal as well as the creation of more complicated kinds of cryptocurrencies or blockchain assets.

For some of you who want ideas on what kind of blockchain asset you want to mint or even wondering what tokens can be used for, here are some awesome ways to be able to utilize them!

Name Cards

You can mint a token with your personal/company details which you can give out to your clients and that allows you to be sure that your name card won’t be misplaced by the receiving party as it is stored in a cryptocurrency wallet.

Game Items

Tokens will be easily integrated into multiple games on the Enjin platform due to them being ERC1155. As a matter of fact, over 40 games and apps are integrating ERC-1155 tokens into their game/platform right now.

Art Pieces

As they are stored on the blockchain, tokenized art pieces will remain forever.

Token of Appreciation

Attendees of events can receive minted tokens to show appreciation for their attendance.

Sense of identity

Streamers/influencers can create something to represent themselves and hand them to their supporters.

Community Tokens

Many communities give out tokens that are unique to the community to let their followers have a sense of belonging.


Tokens can be sent as gifts as they can be backed by Enjin coin which can be retrieved by melting the token. As a result, you can mint something meaningful as well and give them to friends as a birthday gift.

There are many other ways in which cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets can be used and it’s up to you to explore the wonders of this space. As a matter of fact, Beyond Horizon has done an impressive job in simplifying ways for people to enter into the blockchain space. Try out their minting service and share it with your friends and family! $10 for blockchain adoption? I don’t see why not!


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