Time Raiders whitelist NFT sell

Time Raiders is your ultimate time travel, shoot & loot NFT game. There, you can travel through time, fight the bad guys and take the loot back to your time. Everything in the game comes in the form of an NFT that you can buy, sell, trade, or stake.

Now there’s a new set of NFTs on pre-sale on July 20th, 2022. There’s still time to join the whitelist. Also, in this article, you will find out about the utility and skins of the new NFTs. We also explain how to join the whitelist and the benefits of doing so. So, let’s have a look at those new Time Raiders NFTs. 

Participate in Time Raider’s Whitelist 

The whitelist gives you three amazing reward opportunities:

  • Reward # 1: Any NFT Platform Partner that hosts the NFT Pre-Sale has a lucky draw. If you’re on the whitelist and participated in the sale, there are 20 dino eggs waiting.
  • Reward # 2: If you’re on the whitelist, and you spent over $500 on Time Raiders NFTs, claim one Lucky Golden Scarab Beetle. This gives you a better chance of finding treasures all over the game.
  • Reward # 3: Buy and NFT during the pre-sale with an official partner and claim 6x Molotov Cocktails. Use them in the game or sell them. Our official partners are Gate.io, Rarible, BitMart, Babylons, and Enjinstarter.

What Is the Utility of the New Time Raider’s NFTs?

The utility of the new NFTs will be on many levels. Because you travel in time, the utilities are too diverse to mention all in one go. But rest assured, there will be a lot of shooting and blowing up involved. Like with a Spitfire or a Lancaster bomber. Or go back to the Dinosaurs. Get some rare and unique dinosaur eggs and incubate them.

However, Time Raiders designed each NFT from the ground up. Hence, they have unique in-game utility:

  • Secret levels: it will be released in the future. Find them and activate them with a treasure hunt. But keep in mind, they hold them back for a few weeks!
  • Rarity: These NFTs have limited numbers. They will never repeat. Just like unique jewelry in real life, which its value can be very high in the future.
What Are Time Raider’s Skins?

Traveling through time and dimension. Add some dangerous adventures and missions. You better suit up and have the right equipment.

So, Jason, Helen, and all the other characters can get more armor and firepower. You can now equip them with a special Gen 1 Gear. Join the whitelist now to get your hands on these hot NFTs.

In the tweet below, you can watch Jason’s 2237AD gear makes him more effective and dangerous.

Both are custom-made and come with three extra features:

  1. Extra Buffs to your stats.
  2. Increasing defense capabilities.
  3. And the possibility of a critical hit when sniping for Helen. With any weapon for Jason.

Also, you can get this as a bonus with the 250X founders token. Or buy it separately during the NFT Pre-Sale. Of course, as a limited edition. Moreover, there’s a special edition of Gen 1 Neos-Mech Gear NFT. You can make full use of their special ability; A short period of very heavy fire and invulnerability.


Get on the ball and join the Upcoming Time Raiders pre-sale. The pre-sale starts July 20th, 202. Join the whitelist today and enjoy all the pre-sale benefits. A new utility, new skins, and whitelist rewards.

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