Meet ECIO: The First NFT Space Action-Adventure Game

Today we introduce ECIO. A blockchain technology-based game built on Binance Smart Chain. Join an exclusive collection on Binance NFT. Get your Space Warrior NFT now and enter the battleground.

ECIO brings the first NFT space battle to the table. Join the game and fight to earn. Engage in a world filled with heroic storylines, backed by an epic comic background. Build your unique space crew and start conquering the Ecioverse. The NFT collection launches February 26.

How to Play the ECIO Game

Ecio originates from the Latin language. The name means possessor of great strength. Notably, in this game, players need strength. To start playing, the game requires at least three Space Warriors and six at most. Currently, the Alpha version 1.0 is available. This version offers two game modes, PVE as Adventure Mode and PVP as Battle Arena. Moreover, V2 Beta and V3 Gamma versions will follow. Each new version features more game modes.

In Adventure Mode, players travel and explore the Andromeda Galaxy. During this journey, they encounter various enemies. They must fight the enemies and defeat every single one of them. Adventure mode is available in different maps. Players come up against at least 20 formations of enemies and need to fight a boss at the end.

Each character has special abilities that players can adjust. This allows for various strategies during gameplay. Each kill offers a variety of rewards. The player can store these in his wallet or sell them.

Version 1 starts with four chapters and will add more chapters later. In Season 1, each chapter has 12 maps, allowing for 48 maps in total.

The ECIO game offers various play-to-earn (P2E) game modes.

  • Single Player 
  • PVE — Player Versus Environment
  • PVP — Player Versus Player
  • Co-op
  • Guild War  
  • Land Customization

ECIO rewards winning streaks with the two native tokens – $ECIO and $LAKRIMA. Furthermore, they offer complete NFTs as well as fragmented NFTs as rewards. Collecting enough Genomic Fragments will make a new Space Warrior. Most importantly, this brings a new twist to the P2E options available on the market.

The game also offers a comic, explaining the history of the game. Players can find out more details about the different clans and their fight for freedom and power. 

Space Warriors

The ECIO game will release a grand total of 9,999 Mystery Space Pods. These pods support an exclusive design. Moreover, each pod contains a guaranteed Space Warrior NFT. These Space Warrior NFTs are crucial and valuable when playing the PVE and PVP battles.


Players can also collect Space Warriors with the Genomic Fragments. Therefore, gamers need to collect three similar types of fragments. This determines the type of character they receive. The Cloning feature takes care of this.

The equipment of each warrior receives seven random parts. This allows for a stunning 41 million unique identities. Each equipment offers different abilities and rarities. Furthermore, players can upgrade their Space Warriors.

The Space Warriors are available as four different clans.

  • Solarians
  • Andromedians
  • Sculpians
  • Mercenaries
What Makes ECIO Unique?

ECIO is a multiplayer game that your friends can join and play together. Co-operation is key in defeating the enemy or fighting another guild.

What really sets ECIO is apart is the option of creating 41 million Space Warriors. This is a real unique feature. Seven different equipment parts, endless possibilities. Fighting styles and battle strategies can change with a variety of options. The game NFTs will also receive more value with all the available options. On the other hand, competitors like Monsterra or even Axie don’t offer this many options in their game.

ECIO offers its own marketplace. Here, players can buy, sell, or trade their NFTs. Players can offer or find equipment, warriors, or land here. Also, players can find characters and equipment parts.  In turn, this will boost their gameplay.


ECIO brings some unique features to P2E gaming. Over 41 million combinations of characters and equipment. This gives players endless opportunities. They can change fighting styles and battle strategies as they wish, depending upon the situation they face. In turn, this gives the ultimate gaming experience.

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