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Crypto enthusiasts are often seeking a new project with promising returns on their investment. However, these investments can sometimes be risky. For example, Metaxiz, a crypto gaming project, offers its users more than 349.08% APY for staking the $MEXI token.

Metaxiz, which aspires to be a player-centered metaverse, is developing a system focused on its users. As a result, the gaming platform boasts a slew of features, like staking rewards, that distinguish it from other NFT gaming communities.

Metaxiz Offers Staking Rewards

According to the annoucement, Metaxiz wants its users could get a huge return for staking in one of its pools. Last month, Metaxiz released its Mexi boxes, which are mystery boxes with rare Metaxiz NFTs and assets. The Mexi boxes play a huge role in the Metaxiz virtual community. At present, there are three basic sorts of boxes: Metaxiz boxes, Meta Fight boxes, and Timer boxes.

Also, the Meta Fight boxes include Legendary Boxes, Epic Boxes, and Common Boxes. According to Metaxiz, users who stake the $MEXI token in one of the pools have a chance to earn about 100 common boxes. Furthermore, staking comes with a huge APY of more than 349.08%.

Moreover, Metaxiz is developing a system based on the needs of its players, with a slew of useful features that are uncommon in the NFT game world. The platform enables users to realize the true value of their assets.

What Makes Metaxiz Unique?

The project has a series of features that make it a standout gaming project. First, it combines gaming with NFT. Furthermore, users have a chance to earn by staking in any of its pools. Here are some features that make the platform unique:

  • Multi-chain Marketplace: The Metaxiz marketplace will be compatible with other blockchain platforms such as Solana, BSC, Polygon, and several others.
  • Multi-Staking: Users can easily earn the Metaxiz governance token, MEXI, and enjoy a smooth experience on the platform. However, they have to participate in the MEXI-BNB liquidity staking pool. Also, users can stake their MEXI tokens in Metaxiz regular pools and collect rewards.
  • P2P Lending and Borrowing: The platform offers users a chance to utilize NFTs and in-game assets as collateral. Also, players have the option of offering up their NFTs for lending or borrowing on the marketplace. Furthermore, the marketplace will share the profit between two users.

According to the NFT gaming marketplace, each transaction will take place securely and transparently.  Metaxiz’s operating system ensures this. As a result, this would limit fraudulent NFT borrowing. Also, the platform will return the NFT character to the lender within one day of a request.

More About Metaxiz

A team with 15 years of experience in gaming and blockchain is behind the project. The platform bills itself as a next-generation metaverse initiative. It aims to improve user experiences by bringing virtual and real worlds together in a mixed-reality setting. The platform is not only a P2E site but also features multi-chain gaming.

Finally, Metaxiz uses NFTs extensively, where players can use NFTs to play a variety of games. The project has the support of some of the leading names in the blockchain space, such as Avalanche, Chainlink, and several others.

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