QORPO ID to Offer a Streamlined User Experience

QORPO is a global gaming studio spearheading a new form of digital entertainment. The gaming platform aims to link gaming with blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. QORPO is building one of the biggest NFT gaming communities. It seeks to merge the best features of decentralization to create an all-rounded system.

QORPO announced its ID launch, which will be a game-changer for the gaming studio. The ID launch will affect several aspects of the platform, including trading, staking, gaming, and investing. QORPO ID serves as a secure storage and staking mechanism, as well as a gaming launchpad. The ID will also be a spot for frequent NFT drops.

QORPO ID will bring about a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for all of its users. Furthermore, the QORPO ID will assemble all of the platform’s products and services together in one place. Additionally, the ID will serve as a digital wallet. It will be used to access all QORPO products, including its market, TRM 2, and Crypto Citizen. Users would have to use the QORPO ID as a one-size-fits-all access code to access its services.

The Advantages of the ID

QORPO’s ecosystem consists of two gaming systems, Crypto Citizen and Trade Race Manager 2. These platforms are in addition to the wallet and NFT marketplace. Once a user registers for the QORPO ID, they’ll have full access to all of these products with a single click. As a result, users won’t need a password or multiple usernames to access the distinct platforms.

Since the ID serves as a wallet, users can have all their NFTs and cryptocurrencies within the platform stored there. For example, Crypto Citizen players who want to stake their $CCASH in Crypto Citizen can transfer their tokens directly to QORPO ID. They can also hodl and receive regular incentives from their wallet.

Furthermore, TRM 2 players who have $IOI tokens and NFT cars and want to hodl and stake can transfer them directly to their wallets. This process is easily achieved with a single click. In addition to the already mentioned functions, the QORPO ID will act as a launchpad for several metaverse and play-to-earn games.

Getting Into the SpaceSwap Public Sale

Crypto Citizen was formerly known as Cyber Trade. But the project opted for a rebranding and changed its name. In addition to the new developments, users can still get into the public sale on SpaceSwap Starter. The whitelist of $CCASH worth $50,000 is ongoing. Users would have to pay an entry price of $0.07 per one $CCASH. Furthermore, a user’s allocation depends on how much SpaceSwap tokens they stake. Here’s a link on how to participate in the whitelisting.

$CCASH Public Sale Summary

The $CCASH public sale took place on Polkastarter, Firestarter, Seedify, and SpaceSwap. Each of these platforms had a different set of rules guiding their sales. As mentioned above, the whitelisting for SpaceSwap remains open and available for users. However, whitelisting on Seedify, Firestarter, and Polkastarter have been concluded. Here’s the summary for these platforms.

Seedify began its whitelist of $CCASH worth $300,000 in late January. The entrance price was $0.07 per $CCASH. The amount of Seedify tokens a user had staked determined their allocation. Additionally, the sale process on Polkastarter began late and was worth $650,000. About 15,000,000 tokens were up for sale with an entry price of $0.07.

$FLAME token holders had the chance to get an early allotment of Crypto Citizen’s $CCASH token through FireStarter. The $CCASH whitelist began on Firestarter from 1/7/22 until 1/14/22. Users had to lock $FLAME to establish Tier before applying.

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