Top 5 low cap gaming gems

According to DapRaddar, Axie Infinity, DeFi Kingdoms, and Cryptomines have over USD 8 billion locked into smart contracts on their platforms. That is a huge TVL into a game just so people can buy, sell or trade in-game assets. Meanwhile, the token price of gaming tokens is also skyrocketing.

But as we said in Part 1 of Top Low Cap Gems, almost all these games started as low cap projects. And if you find one that takes off as Axie Infinity did, then you can see 100x returns and watch your small-cap game become a billion-dollar token. Therefore, if you want to find other Low Cap Crypto Gaming Projects, you won’t regret reading this article.

1. Cryowar

Cryowar is a PVP game where you battle other players in a Medieval-based world built on top of the Solana blockchain. They blend gaming and some best practices from blockchain like DAO voting, NFTs as in-game assets, and DeFi.

All In an environment of 1v1v1 arena brawler style game.

This game has many excellent features, with four different game modes and short matches for players with busy lives.

On the other hand, we especially like the combination of staking options and deflationary mechanism to their native token, $CWAR. This should help make the token and in-game assets more valuable for players and investors. It’s important to say that the token has a burn mechanism.

Also, Cryowar uses Stardust as a way to let players buy their NFTs as well as list them for sale. Therefore, players can trade assets across chains using the Serum Dex. Moreover, Cryowar uses a potent real-time 3D creation tool called Unreal Engine

Cryowar Investors & Tokenomics

The creators of Assassin’s Creed, Kipi Interactive, are behind Cryowar. Also, the platform has leading investors like KuCoin Labs, GD10 Ventures, AU21 Capital, Polygon, among others. Discover the rest here:

Investors & Partners Cryowar

Source: Cryowar

On the other hand, 48% of all $CWAR tokens are available to the public between Public investment, Airdrops, and Staking Rewards. Also, the seed investment round, which just closed, raised 5 million $CWAR tokens, and previous funding rounds have vesting schedules of between 6 and 24 months. We like seeing vesting schedules. It means you won’t see a large token dump on the market.

Cryowar token distribution

Source: Cryowar Whitepaper

In addition, according to CoinGecko, $CWAR has:

  • Total Supply of 1 billion
  • Circulating Supply unknown
  • A deflationary mechanism to make CWAR more valuable
  • The trading volume of just under $14 million in the last 24 hours
  • Current price of $2.57

Finally, you can buy $CWAR on Kucoin,, and Bybit

2. Placewar

PlaceWar is a multi-chain decentralized strategic play-to-earn gaming universe. The platform is based on exciting artillery gameplay that allows players to construct and define t1he view of the in-game world via building, battles, and alliances.

We liked the game because it is a multi-chain platform that supports the Binance Smart Chain, Conflux, and Polygon blockchains. Also, another essential feature of this game is that it’s a play-to-earn game where users can make money.

On the other hand, it’s exciting that members can use NFTs for building foundations and weapons for attack and defense. In addition, Placewar is governed by a DAO where future decisions are made with the $PLACE token to expand the game.

Moreover, $PLACE is PlaceWar’s governance BEP-20 token which has these use cases:

  • Token staking rewards.
  • In-game reward and utility.
  • Governance voting

Finally, one unique feature is its cross-chain NFT bridge, where members can use its in-game NFTs to make faster and cheaper transactions.

Placewar Investors & Tokenomics

Placewar has leading partners backing the platform’s development like AC Capital, AU21,, Woodson Game, Exnetwork Capital.

Placewar investors

Source: Placewar

On the other hand, when you combine liquidity and the P2E and Farming rewards, 50% of the $PLACE tokens are available to the public. Therefore, $PLACE has: 

  • Maximum Supply of 1 billion tokens and an unknown circulating supply
  • A 24-hour trading volume of USD 3.2 million.
  • Current price of $0.22

Placewar token distribution

Source: Placewar

Finally, you can buy $PLACE on PancakeSwap,, and

3. Scotty Beam

Another of the Low Cap Crypto Gaming Projects is Scotty Beam. The platform is an NFT platform that solves the lack of NFT cross-chain interoperability and validation. This platform is the first cross-chain NFT teleport platform, having an NFT gallery and P2P exchange.

Therefore, Scotty Beam enables cross-chain swaps & auctions performed by oracles in a fun and straightforward way that integrates NFT marketplaces. The platform supports Ethereum, BSC, Solana, among others.

So now you can find out if Ethereum buyers want to trade with you for your Solana NFT and do it all easy and fast, p2p style. Therefore, it’s effortless to use too, and you just need to connect your wallet and go. Also, we like their pledge to burn 90% of paid fees.

Scotty Beam Investors & Tokenomics

Scotty Beam. The platform has very prestigious investors like Seedify, Dutch Crypto Investors, GameFi, and AnyPad.

Sccoty Beam Investors

Source: Scotty Beam

On the other hand, the $SCOTTY is the native BEP-20 token used for utility in p2p or swapping transactions across chains. Therefore, these are the use cases:

  1. Service Fees Burn Teleport Fee, P2P exchange fee, token validation fee.
  2. Community Building: Hold tokens to get discounted fees, bonuses for staking $SCOTTY and NFTs.
  3. NFT collections: Buy ScottyBeam NFT collection items.

Also, $SCOTTY has a total supply of 750 million tokens and an initial market cap of USD 435,000, where the initial circulating Supply will be 1.45% of the total Supply or ~10 million. Between the community and liquidity, ~35% of the total supply is available to the public. Moreover, Scotty Beam says their circulating Supply is 48.75 million.

Scotty Beam token distribution

Source: Scotty Beam

Finally, $SCOTTY just got listed on CoinMarketCap and is available for purchase on PancakeSwap.

4. Aspo World

ASPO World is a group of P2E games that hope to show how these games can be part of the future of digital assets. The platform is a tactical card game with a designed in-game token and different NFT items to create constant Supply and demand. 

Therefore, players can earn in-game tokens and use them to upgrade their cards or sell the items on the marketplace.

Investors & Tokenomics

IceTea Labs, Game6, DUO, Blue Network, Gem Capital, AVStar Capital are among the investors and partners in ASPO World. GameFi, RedKite, and NFT BSCNews are among its partners. Moreover, GameFi and RedKite completed the successful IDO on ASPO World that raised $2 million.

On the other hand, here is the breakdown on $ASPO:

  • Token: $ASPO
  • Price: $1.43
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000
  • Market Cap: $673,688,599

You can buy it on PancakeSwap, and Digifinex.

5. Thetan Arena

The last of the Another of the Low Cap Crypto Gaming Projects is Thetan Arena. The platform is a free-to-play and play-to-earn esports-style game, where users are encouraged to recruit friends and form a team. Then, users can play in one of 2 game modes and your team of 4 battles against other four-person teams.

Only when you get to the Premium level, either through winning battles or buying a premium hero or other players with your crypto, can you get to the earning stage. However, you can stay inaccessible mode as long as you want.

We like this game because the NFT marketplace lets you buy and sell other characters to join your team. The NFTs are payable in BUSD, USDT, and WBNB (Wrapped BNB). Also, you can buy to round out your team based on skills, rare-ness of the NFT, the skins, and the fighting class like tank, marksman, or assassin.

The in-game token is called $THG, a BEP-20 and KRC-20 (Kardia Chain) compatible token. And You can stake it.

Thetan Arena Investors & Tokenomics

Thetan Arena’s leading investors include AU21 Capital, Animoca Brands, DFG, and Kardia Ventures.

Thetan Arena investors

Source: Thetan Arena

On the other hand, between Staking, Gaming Rewards, and Liquidity, ~45% of the total Supply of THG will be available to the public. Moreover, the token emission schedule increases to 16.8 million per month in December, then in 3 months to 21.2 million in March.

Also, after September 2022, the emission rate drops each month for another two years, whereas near the end of 2024, all the tokens are out there. This is a fast emission rate and something you should be aware of. The Economy section of the Thetan Arena documentation explains it all in detail, where $THG has:

  • Unknown MarketCap and Circulating supply
  • Total Supply of 420 million
  • The trading volume of $14.8 million in the last 24 hours
  • Current price of $8.93
  • Implied fully diluted market value of $3.8 billion

Thetan Arena token distribution

Source: Thetan Arena

Finally, you can buy THG on PancakeSwap, MEXC,, Kaidex, and CoinEx.

We hope you’ve learned from the  Low Cap Crypto Gaming Projects.

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