Top 5 Solana metaverse games

According to Cryptorank, the crypto gaming niche is among the Top 6 sectors with the highest average ICO/IEO/IDO? Therefore, crypto gaming has the second largest number of projects after DeFi.

But why Solana? The reason behind this is Web 3 gaming has been the main attraction for blockchain investors in recent months, with Solana being of particular interest for its low costs and high transaction speeds. In this article, you will be able to identify the next Solana Metaverse Games and on which blockchain.

1. Cryowar

First on our list is Cryowar, this is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game developed in Unreal Engine. The best players are constantly battling for resources, territories, and world domination.

Also, its native token, $CWAR, boosted its value by 169x after its IDO in Oct 2021 and caught a lot of investor and gamer attention. However, at present, $CWAR is trading very close to an all-time low of $1.07. 

What caught our attention about CRYOWAR is the experience between traditional PVP gaming and best practices of the blockchain world, DAO voting, NFTs, and DeFi.

More About Cryowar

On the other hand, the roadmap, Q1-2021, is going to be on a rocket for $CWAR getting so many things done:

  1. 2nd Technical Beta
  2. Open Beta
  3. Land sales.
  4. Token and NFT staking

Moreover, the main event for 2022 will be the official game launch and 1st Cryowar live World Championship $100,000 guaranteed wins.

Finally, the game ha successfully launched in Solanium Launchpad, achieving the goal of getting a hard cap of 140,000 USDC with an ATH ROI of 224x. If you couldn’t get involved in this IDO launchpad, you can still buy the $CWAR token in KuCoin and Bybit.

2. Solchicks

SolChicks is creating the top fantasy NFT gaming environment built on Solana’s blockchain. The game revolves around the charming SolChick NFT trinkets, who serve as avatars for players in the unique gaming metaverse.


Also, the game had an IDO which its token, $CHICK, achieved a 13x ATH ROI. But with what is building, we believe this game has solid potential.

We like SolChicks because players will fight in PvP battles and PvE raids in a complete 3D real-time combat RPG, earning rewards and progressing their character. Also, the game is about adorable SolChick NFT collectibles, where players use their SolChicks as characters in a unique gaming metaverse.

More About SolChicks

Moreover, SolChicks has the following features:

  • Designed by artists: Each SolChick is built and meticulously customized by highly skilled artists by superimposing numerous pre-made qualities on the primary SolChick model.
  • Integrated with metaverse: Exciting features in a fully integrated gaming metaverse. SolChicks is envisioned as one of the most groundbreaking NFT game ecosystems. Shortly, SolChicks will have additional attributes: Breeding, farming, occupation, marketplace, among others.
  • Play-to-earn: Players will be paid to play in this new disruptive gaming paradigm. Here you can earn $CHICKS tokens and in-game rewards.

On the other hand, these are the most critical accomplished milestones up to date:

  • Initial minting launch of 2500 NFTs
  • NFT listing on marketplaces
  • Partnerships (Chainlink, Brave, etc.) 

Also, In Q1-2022, these will be the goals:

  • Release of the alpha version
  • Battle of the SolFox Challenge.

Finally, On January 7th, $CHICKS will be listed on You can grab some there.

3. Project Seed

Project Seed is a GameFi Metaverse Ecosystem built by an AAA Game Studio that develops a mobile-focused blockchain gaming. The game intends to take the mobile gaming industry to a whole new level by utilizing blockchain technology and bringing Play-To-Earn.

Also, Its native token, $SHILL, had an IDO with a boost of its value at 752x in early November. We liked its interesting Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) and its four main features.

Moreover, the platform has four main features:

  • Game Studio: A dynamic group of great artists, talented designers, and top-tier game developers.
  • NFT: Tradeable NFTs are coined for in-game goods such as Zeds, weapons, armors, and accessories.
  • GameFi: You can go in and out of the gaming program and access the NFT Marketplace (P2P and Rental) from within it.
  • DAO: Using a public voting method, govern the game world and the environment.

More About Project Seed

Project Seed is incorporating NFT into its metaverse to benefit item holders with tamper-proof ownership, having two types:

  1. In-Game: The in-game marketplace will be the go-to spot for users who wish to Buy, Sell, Rent, or Lend any NFT without having to leave the game. 
  2. Web-based: Off-Game marketplace will be the go-to spot for seasoned users who wish to Buy, Sell, Rent, or Lend any NFT while not in the game or with a bigger screen size for more straightforward navigation and browsing.

On the other hand, the most important milestone that Project SEED will achieve in Q1-2022 is its Open Alpha. Finally, you can buy $SHILL tokens on Kucoin,, Bitmart, Raydium, and Bybit.

4. Aurory

Aurory is a free-to-play desktop game that invites players to explore a vast and diverse environment. Users can travel across the worlds of Antik and Cryptos, two distinct places and biomes where you will encounter a diverse range of NPCs and Nefties. 

In this captivating JRPG game, these mystical animals, which may be captured or exchanged, will accompany you through various exciting game types.

$AURY is a multi-utility ecosystem currency, which players may acquire by participating in both PvE and PvP game types, as well as through staking. On January 3rd, more than half of the $AURY circulating supply is staked, and approx. 1/4 in the locked pool.

Moreover, the token may be exchanged on a standard CEX/DEX and Aurory’s in-game marketplace. In the future, it will serve as Aurory’s governance token, enabling holders to vote on critical game development choices. You can buy $AURY in FTX, KuCoin, AEX, Bitget, and Huobi

More About Aurory

$AURY have the following use cases:

  • NFT monsters, objects, cosmetics, and cards may be purchased and sold.
  • Reward players for making progress in the solo PvE mode.
  • Reward players for victories in combat, among others.

Moreover, Aurory has leading partners like The Solana Foundation, Animoca Brands, and GenBlock Capital. Nowadays, any $AURY holder can stake its tokens. To start, you need to buy $AURY tokens on any platform described in some lines above.

Finally, you’ll need to have some SOL in your wallet to cover the fees. Then, you need to go to the staking platform and connect the wallet. While the flexible pool gives an APR of 33%, the locked pool delivers 70%. 

5. Genopets

Genopets is the world’s first Move-to-Earn NFT Game, which rewards you for exercising your mind and body. We are pretty excited to see how this works, as its private beta is going live on January 20th.

A Genopet is your NFT spirit animal that has been encoded with information about your personality and fitness. Wearable health devices can help you stay active.

genopets solana games

Source: Genopets

Your Genopet, as your digital companion, remains with you in the form of an NFT for the rest of your life. Genopets is more than just a breeding game; it’s also an evolution game. You control your fate through in-game and real-world actions, collecting $KI tokens as you go. Your choices at these phases influence your pet’s appearance, talents, and moveset.

Genopet Token Use case

Genopet is powered by a dual token system, $GENE and $KI, which supports mu651lti-currency Solana assets. The game will be governed and backed by our native and fungible GENE tokens:

  • Governance: They will be used as both a utility and governance token.
  • VIP access: Having GENE tokens gives you first dibs on upcoming in-game content releases.
  • Staking: Users may earn the in-game cash $KI by participating in a decentralized rewards pool.

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