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Axie Infinity, the biggest P2E Metaverse game, rose to extreme popularity in 2021. But unfortunately, the daily earnings of Axie Infinity players are dropping drastically.

It’s high time to have a free play to earn a game in the blockchain gaming space that will be bigger than what NFT Gamers can imagine, and its Big Time, the game is developed by the leaders who built the star games like Fortnite, Decentraland, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and God of War.

This could be huge as the game will allow each player to build their own “Metaverse.” And we are talking about it now because Big Time’s SPACE NFT Sale is going live on December 21st.  Therefore, in this article, you will discover which SPACE NFT you should purchase, how you can participate in the sale and why it is so big. 

What is Big Time?

Big time is a multiplayer action role-playing game that is the world’s first action Windows PC game. The game combines fast-action combat, the collectability of NFTs, and a history-spanning adventure to create a unique gaming experience.

And unlike Decentraland, it enables players to buy Spaces instead of Land, which they can use in the Time Machines to build their Metaverse.

To extend the functionalities and earn more, players need SPACE, and the team is getting ready to launch the sale of these incredibly rare and difficult to acquire NFTs.  Therefore, before we understand how to get these NFTs and what is valuable, we want you to understand Space NFTs better. 

What is SPACE in Big Time?

SPACE is a slot of virtual land, represented as an NFT. SPACE NFT will provide player access to additional areas, specialized crafting stations, and other features in the Big Time’s Metaverse. Also, this Space is highlighted in this picture in a red box. This is the smallest SPACE available in the Big Time metaverse, where you can build your very own Metaverse. 

First, let’s understand a bit of the gameplay to know what you can do with Space. In the early stages of the game, you can earn their first Time Machine, a portal that allows you to possess your universe. 

Then, once you have the time machine, you can buy SPACE to expand and personalize it, having the following use cases:

  1.  Expand a base layout and size, which will give players the freedom to build out their Time Machines. 
  2. Different SPACEs unlock features that boost NFT capabilities and grant exposure to the future Big Time Token.

For example, use a Forge add-on to craft and repair special equipment used to fight against enemies.

More About SPACEs in Big Time

The team is just a couple of hours away from selling its first batch of SPACEs. And it won’t be issued anymore until the next expansion, ensuring players’ SPACEs remain verifiably rare and unique.

Also, only 10% of the total supply of SPACE will be available for purchase on December 21st. The other 90% of SPACE will be placed as in-game rewards and unlocked as the gameplay progresses. 

On the other hand, last month, Big Time announced its partnership with some big gaming guilds like Yield Guild Games and allowed them to participate in their SPACE offering. Also, YGG has purchased Time Machine NFTs worth $US500,000 for the community to use in the game once released.

If you are not part of these guilds and want to strengthen your gameplay once the Big Time game is released, it’s recommended that the best time to buy SPACE will be in this sale event because it has much lower prices.

How to Participate in the SPACE Sale Event?

On December 21st at 5 pm (EST), Big Time will have its SPACE NFT sale, where 10% of 60,000 SPACEs will be up for sale based on the rarity. SPACE has a 5 level tier system: Exalted, Mythic, Legendary, Epic, and Rare.

You can buy small, medium, and large-sized spaces using USDC or credit cards. Also, the price of the SPACEs will range from $2,99 to $3,299. Right now, the sale is not live, but you can sign up on the marketplace.  Therefore, to purchase SPACE, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign-up using your Gmail-id
  2. Provide your phone number, click on Get Code
  3. Enter code in here
  4. Click on your Account in the top right corner
  5. Then, click on Add funds
  6. Click on Crypto Deposit
  7. You can scan the QR code and directly deposit USDC here. In the future, they might accept ETH deposits too. 

Also, you can watch this video to follow these steps.

On the other hand, this could take 1-5 mins as per the marketplace. But as the blog mentioned, the marketplace accepts Credit Cards too. We did not find that fiat on-ramp yet. But we read somewhere that when the sale is life, and you select the SPACE NFT in the marketplace, you will find the Credit Card option at the time of checkout. 

If you plan to make purchases over $3,000, you will have to complete the 2nd step of identity verification. See this video for more details.

Finally, a beta version of Big Time is already under development and scheduled to be released later this year, while early access begins in early 2022. So unlike most of the games in the Space, Big Time is super close to a significant milestone, the launch of a free-to-play and earn the playable game. 

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